Wednesday, June 12, 2013

the Laugh-In News - late 60's concept hits mainstream media

A whole lot of people out there have no idea what this is about.  Rowan and Martin's TV show, Laugh In.  The theme song for the portion of the show dedicated to news went like this -"Here's the news  across the nation.  We have got the inspiration, In a way, we hope will amuseeee   you,  Ladies and Gents, Laugh in brings you the news"  And then Rowan and Martin would tell a bunch of one liners about politicians and made up stories about life.  It was all amusing.  It was silly, and Goldie Hawn wore a bikini.  I was 13.  I sort of half believed some of their news stories.  She wore a bikini.  I was 13

So where does that differ from today's news?  Attractive women in anchor positions, all with perfect complexions, sitting at desks and reading the "news" to the masses.  Sure, they tell us about the accidents, the tornadoes, the disasters here and abroad, and they very carefully leave out any mention of anything that would in any way disparage any big business that in any way puts money into the advertising revenue of the stations broadcasting the sanitized version of news to the world.  Sanitized.  That's a really good word.  It means that only the good stuff is left.  If you can call deaths from tornadoes good.  They do tell us that.  But if there was ever any scientific evidence showing that Monsanto or General Mills caused tornadoes, then you can bet your ass that tornadoes would not be included in any newscasts.

I research all of the things I talk about here on my blog.  I get emails from a whole slew of weirdo radical groups that have a slightly one sided view of the world.  I get ideas from them, and I attempt to verify their information.  Most times, I can, their radical views seem to have a basis in truth, they just have a twisted view of what happens in the world with the information they get.  And let's be realistic, there are thousands of weirdo radical groups out there and each of them have their own websites and newsletters and they bring to whoever wants to listen or read about it, their specific opinion about pretty much everything in many cases.  Not unlike me.  I on the other hand do not denounce and call for the violent removal of the government, the pope, Rush Limbaugh, or anyone or thing as so many do.  I write about food, and the failure of the government to protect Americans from big businesses that utilize the system to pay for additions of grossly toxic chemicals and processes as well as unproven GM plants into our food supply solely for the purpose of those businesses to make profits at the expense of the health of those that consume the foods.  I've written about here before, they get chronic toxins approved, then they ALL add them to food and as a result they are all insulated from liability simply because they ALL DO IT.  You can't single out any one business or industry for liability because all of them poison us.

Dr. Judy Carman is from the Institute of Health and Environmental Research in Kensington Park Australia.  She just published a study about Genetically Modified corn and soy being fed to pigs.  The study has been published in Journal of Organic Systems which is a rather prestigious science rag of which you can only get published in after your research has been reviewed and approved by your fellow scientists.  This one is big news.  The study shows that pigs fed a diet of Genetically Modified corn and soy showed inflammation and damage to their stomachs and intestines when compared to pigs fed standard non GM corn and soy.  I didn't see anything about the study on CBS, Fox, NBC, ABC, or CNN or, well, anywhere except  (If you think I am radical, go there and read some whacko stuff)((Or Jesse Ventura's web site))  Well, I found the report, and it seems to be just one more piece of evidence linking GM foods to the declining health of humans.  But you won't hear about it on TV or read about it in the newspapers, or in People magazine.  Nor will your hear or read about the Serilini report either.  You know the report from the French guy that fed rats for two years a diet of GM soy and corn and virtually every one of the rats died or had horrific tumors.  Or the Princeton report about the Horizontal Gene Transfer phenomena that Monsanto to this day claims never happens.  Of course we should take their word for it instead of researchers at a somewhat prestigious university.

You won't ever see or read anything bad about any agribusiness in mainstream media.

Our news is sanitized.  Did you see anything on the boobtube about the March on Monsanto a couple of weeks ago.  No, there was a very small ten second bit about it on a couple of stations here in Phoenix, mostly about the interruption of traffic.  The websites of the TV stations in Austin had about the same thing, Traffic was disrupted when protesters filled the streets of Austin.  Sanitized.  How can stations get revenue when they carry stories that put most of the businesses in AmeriKa in a very bad light.  Let alone the elected officials.  Wouldn't it be nice if the government set aside money and paid a group of people to do the news.  An all news channel on TV that reported nothing but the news, and they could report ALL the news.  Imagine the headlines then, --
A rather portly plain faced man in an ill fitting suit and bad tie sitting at desk reading the news -
"In today's senate watch, we see evidence again of Senator Blunt accepting yet another hundred thousand dollars American from the giant agribusiness Monsanto, at this time Senator Blunt has not added another pro Monsanto amendment to any bills yet, however his past list of amendments and riders that have virtually allowed Monsanto to achieve absolute immunity from prosecution for any of the atrocities now proven to be caused by Roundup as well as all of the Genetically Modified crops that Monsanto has marketed in the world without any testing as to their safety has left Sen Blunt a very rich man.  New laws regarding accounting for all politicians has shown us this newest payoff and we here at government sponsored newswatch are waiting eagerly to see what new bits of legislative trickery the Good Senator tries to pull over the eyes of the people with this latest in a long line of payoffs for amendments he has proposed protecting the failing giant agribusiness.  In other news, Monsanto's GM wheat has been identified now in nearly 88 percent of the wheat growing in Canada and the US, again leaving millions of tons left to rot in the fields as there are no buyers for the proven toxic crops"

The unsanitized version is a lot more interesting now isn't it?

You know, I wish I was wrong about all this stuff.  I really do.  I wish that GM foods were the miracle they want them to be.  That they in fact raised crop yields, but they don't.  That they were as nutritious as the non GM versions, except they have been proven to lack the same nutrients.  I wish they didn't cause degenerative system failure and cancers, but new studies show they do.  I wish the BT toxin that they inserted into crops really did kill insects and had no harmful effects on humans, they don't, the insects evolved immunity and BT toxin really does cause neurological and other system damages.  And I wish that the pesticides and herbicides they spray on the crops didn't leave residues on the crops and that research didn't show how long term consumption of these residues eats away at your liver, brain and pancreas.  But they do.  When Monsanto denies that HGT,(Horizontal Gene Transfer) doesn't ever happen, I wish it were true, but it isn't.  And I really really wish that the mainstream media would say something about any of the research pointing to how toxic these things are to us, but they don't.

We have Laugh In news.  Minus Goldy in a bikini.  That's okay, I'm not 13 anymore.

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