Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nobody Wants Cancer in our society, wellllllll, maybe, some do.

The American Cancer Society has a nice website, and their expressed goals are laudable, they do in fact give their readers the idea that they are there to fight cancer.

Here is what the ACS website says about rBGH in milk, "The American Cancer Society (ACS) has no formal position regarding rBGH. Together with its advocacy affiliate, the ACS Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN), the Society supports open, fair and transparent regulatory oversight of products containing rBGH. The ACS also encourages continued and expanded scientific research and independent, credible assessment of potential relationships between the use of this substance in cows and human cancer risk. We support regulatory standards based on rigorous scientific evidence to minimize exposure to carcinogens, and we encourage the FDA to give the public information regarding known and suspected causes of cancer in the food system. The need for an effective FDA in ensuring the safety of our food supply, medicines, and consumer products has never been greater."   (ACS rBGH)
Yeah, okay.  An effective FDA.  Ensuring the safety of our food supply.  This is what one former head of the organization tells us.  "People think the FDA is protecting them - it isn't. What the FDA is doing and what people think it's doing are as different as night and day." - Herbert L. Ley, Jr., M. D., former Commissioner of the FDA.

Man, the cancer people are living in a dream world.  And in fact they are, cancer research is pretty much a monopoly held by the American Cancer Society.  Work is being done by individuals, and research that has made HUGE strides in curing a large number of cancers.

The Cancer Industry: The Classic Expose on the Cancer Establishment by Ralph W. Moss - An ex-cancer insider at the Sloan Kettering institute details all of the alternative therapies which have been railroaded by the cancer establishment. An interesting read for anyone who has the nagging feeling that the cancer war is being lost because pharmaceutical companies are avoiding possible natural, non patentable cures.  And the FDA is in cahoots and protects the monopoly that big Pharma companies have over research by persecuting any individual doing research on his own in his own private facilities.  Even when he shows HUGE results.  The man in question is Dr. Burzinski.  A guy that has taken on the government, and won.  Sort of, he didn't go to jail.  But his progressive and successful research is still unavailable to the world because of the FDA persecution of him.  Here is what he has to deal with, I never have and never will approve a new drug to an individual, but only to a large pharmaceutical firm with unlimited finances.” - Dr. Richard J. Crout, former Director of the FDA.   

Wow, seems against the stated objective of the FDA to protect AmeriKans.  I wish it was the only thing they do contrary to their objective of protecting you and me.  But it isn't.  The Cancer Prevention Coalition has been petitioning the FDA to ban the use of rBGH in AmeriKa for several years  Pretty much the rest of the world has banned the stuff, but it increases profits exponentially with use.  Profits versus health of the consumers, not much of a choice in profit driven AmeriKa. 

In 1997, two Fox-affiliate reporters attempted to air a program exposing the truth about the dangers of rBGH. Lawyers for Monsanto, a major advertiser with the Florida network, sent letters promising "dire consequences" if the story aired.  After attempts by Fox to pay off the reporters to keep quiet failed, the station agreed to air a revised version of the report. An unheard of 83 edits later, the report was shelved and the courts took over. Although a lower court ruled in favor of the reporters for some $425,000, a Florida appeals court denied them whistleblower protection, claiming Fox (and the media in general) have no obligation to tell the truth and have the freedom to report, essentially, fact OR fiction as real news.  Makes sense to me.  Not only do the media do what big businesses want, so do the courts. 

Budget for the National Cancer Society is 5.4 Billion Dollars annually.
Big Pharma companies in the Fortune 500, have profit percentages that are TRIPLE that of ANY other Fortune 500 company.  The top ten drug companies make MORE in PROFIT than the entire rest of the Fortune 500 companies COMBINED.  A large part of that profit is cancer treatments.  For the most part, curing cancer with modern medical treatments that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars is a dream.  Successful treatment of most cancers is still less than 20%.  Prostate, breast and skin cancer have higher rates of success.  Every other kind, zip. 

There is no monetary incentive to find an effective cure for cancer. 

No, I don't mean to attempt to get you to think that all breast cancers are caused by rBGH in milk.  They aren't.  The stuff was only approved in 1992, it can't be the cause of them all.  But then why has the incidence of breast, and well, all cancers; been increasing since the early 70's?


Hey, sounds like the missing link to me.  The fact is that AmeriKa has approved more toxic additives to its food supply than any other nation on earth, AmeriKa allows higher levels of toxic residues of KNOWN carcinogenic pesticide and herbicides on its crops than any other nation on earth, and AmeriKa has some of the most polluted water supplies of any country on earth; and AmeriKa has the highest rates of all cancers of any country on earth.  The FDA doesn't want anyone to make that connection.  According to them, life here in Monsanto controlled AmeriKa,  is perfect.  Thank you Napoleon and Squeeler, life here on Animal Farm is perfect indeed!

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