Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The people are preparing for ......

Sunday was a nice day for me.  I sell my dip mixes and smoked almonds at the farmers markets around town, and on Sundays, I go to the one out in the community called Ahwatukee.  This market is a true community market, a bunch of hippy types set the market up, and they are all happy to donate their time and energy to the market for the opportunity to be part of something bigger, something important, something community.  Very noble, very nice.  Yeah, I may have long hair, but I'm not a hippy.  I sell at the markets to make money and to get customers for my traveling chef business.  Hippys, sheesh.  To each his own though, and this is something that this, and really all communities across AmeriKa need more of.  Participation in community projects and more of a reliance on locally produced food products.

After the market on Sunday, I drove to Peoria and met with 30 people in the community center at a mobile home park there.  These people are all part of a Meetup.com group that are prepping for the upcoming collapse of the basic economy of this country.  They wanted me to teach them how to use a pressure cooker to can excess produce from their home gardens.  I'm not making this up.  Some of my cigar smoking buddies out there think that I am a bit off the wall when I tell them that this country is headed for a complete breakdown in the social and economic systems and it is happening very soon.  They don't believe me when I tell them that the discovery of Genetically Modified Wheat in the fields in Oregon is going to destroy the world.  But then they also read my entries here and tell me the stuff about beef makes them hungry for more, not less.  So much for the thinking of most AmeriKans.  These people, from all walks of life, sat there in the hot community room and asked pertinent questions, gave markedly interesting feedback and were genuinely interested in learning how to preserve their own food products for home use because they truly believe that the food system in AmeriKa is broken, and it will collapse before it gets fixed.  So they all garden, they all are preparing.  They all seem to have it together.

Good luck to them.  They are all on the road to success, and they have the mind set that gives them a headstart on the economic collapse when it happens.  And good luck to my friends that think I'm nuts. I hope the McD's of the world continue to provide the nutritious and wonderful foods they do now at prices that you can afford just so you won't starve to death. 

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