Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chemtrails, on the trail to true crazy

I have talked here before about some of the webstes that I visit and get newsletters from in the past, and that hasn't changed.  I still get them, look at sites, and am amazed at all of the time, energy and thought that goes into developing these concepts, and ultimately what gets out to me and the world.  I know someone that is positive that the government is involved in a multinational conspiracy to destroy the lives of every living human.  It involves dispersing toxic heavy metals, and radioactive isotopes of numerous elements by spraying them out through the engines of commercial and military aircraft causing the well known and highly visible contrails in the skies above us everywhere to become, CHEMTRAILS!

These toxins have been reported to be the cause of the the increases in asthma, cancer, Alzheimers, heart disease, diabetes, and sheesh, they claim it to be the cause of everything wrong with our civilized world. (Fun Reading)  This one site is probably the least like Mel Gibson stuck in his hidey hole apartment crazed and paranoid to the max in the movie "Conspiracy Theory" This person I know then tells me that yes, it might seem that way, but as it turned out, Mel Gibson was right.  I counter that with the obvious rebuttal, that it was A MOVIE.  FICTION!

Crazy people just don't seem to understand the difference.

Any way, I suppose at times that I might seem a bit like that, I mean I claim that the US government has, through lack of interest, allowed agribusinesses to put huge amounts of toxic compounds into our food supply and that those things are the cause of the maladies befalling modern societies.  There is a bit of a difference though, and that is all of my claims are backed up with scientific research and studies done by mainstream scientists.  There has been a whole lot of research on a huge variety of subjects, and all with conclusions that point, that's all, POINT to specific toxicities of specific agents within our food system.  No conspiracy, there just appears to be a changing of money from the companies that make bad things, to the elected leaders in our country, to the directors of government regulatory agencies that make decisions about toxic additives, and a blanket blocking of any bad reports about themselves via any mainstream media.  Not really a conspiracy, it is just something that they all do, and it is expected.  Sort of like the relationships between local police and all of the gangsters back during Prohibition, they all did it, it was expected.  The cops held out their hands, money was placed in their palms, and the booze flowed. 

Well anyway, I thought it might be a good idea to address the chemtrails thing.  It doesn't exist.  It can't exist.  There is no way in the world that that many people could participate in a conspiracy to destroy the lives of every person and for it not to become public.  First, from the top level people making the decisions to install injectors into jet engines, to the lowly little guys out there pouring a toxic stew of gunk into secret compartment tanks on jets; they would not do this particularly bad thing knowing that what they were doing would not only poison themselves, but their families, friends, everyone.  NO ONE COULD ESCAPE!  Why would anyone make the decision to slowly kill yourself and everyone else off?  I can understand a few people doing it, but we are talking about people working for every airline at every airport and military people at every single base everywhere doing something that has nothing to do with the workings of the plane and loading chemicals that are toxic.  Does anyone really think this would happen?

My brother is the person that believes this stuff.  He told me that there are retire Air Force Colonels that have verified this is happening.  That website above talks about one.  No names given.  Just a vague reference.  My brother then tells me that the proof is in the residues that fall from the sky.  He goes out to my van and brushes his hand across the hood and shows me this powdery residue that he then tells me is aluminum salts, radioactive barium, and other stuff.  PROOF!  We live in the desert.  It's dusty here.  Reality has no place in any good conspiracy though, and so logic is dismissed.  The belief that the dust is artificial and is put there to kill us all continues. 

The food supply is a different story altogether.  Big wigs at big agribusinesses and chemical companies and food manufacturers all know that the crap they are putting out might be toxic, but they themselves know they don't have to eat it.  Organic food businesses in the US have grown by 400% since 1980.  I don't know for sure, but I bet the biggest customers are the people that make the crap for the rest of us.

So, just a fun little story, been a weird week having to deal with some crazies on a more personal level. 

Well, just was sent this website 
Seems that there are some very strange people that believe in this stuff.  They profess to be professionals in a variety of endeavors.  And all seem to be under some weird mind control. 
I can remember news reports about baseball sized hail back in the fifties.  It isn't new, it isn't caused by weather control or HAARP.  I can remember looking at contrails from jets in the fifties, they were long, stretched across the sky and faded slowly.  I have flown in modern jets and I have watched the air flow over the top of the wing and get chilled and a faint vapor cloud forms at the trailing edge of the wing.  And it comes and goes, depending on the altitude, humidity etc.  The jet engines suck in HUGE amounts of air and the ice crystals formed are therefore making bigger contrails.  I watched this movie on the site, no where do they talk about the volume of material needed to put into an aircraft in order to make chemtrails.  If you consider that a contrail at 30,000 feet that is a hundred feet wide and tall, and a hundred miles long, well, let's be realistic, that would take tons and tons of aluminum, barium and strontium to be visible.  Where do "THEY" the perpetrators of the conspiracy claim all that stuff is stored on planes?  They don't, reality has little place in a good conspiracy.  I did a google patent search for geoengineering.  Over 1800 patents have been applied for or have been granted.  I read through the first dozen, nothing to do with altering rainfall.  I'm not saying they aren't in the list, I just don't care enough to look at 1800 patents to try and find one about it. I have flown before, I have been at the airport as well, it seems that when a plan lands, it goes in to the parking spot, either a truck comes out with fuel or they plug a line into the ground where fuel is pumped up.  A truck goes to the back and trash is removed and more peanuts and pepsi are loaded up.  I never see anyone hooking up a hose and pumping in hundreds of tons of chemicals.  It isn't in the fuel, otherwise the chemtrails would be there during take off and landing.  So where is the guts to the conspiracy?  It is fun to talk about it, but in reality, these people are talking about the rise in diseases, weird weather patterns, and stuff that they don't want to admit they are themselves responsible for.  Don't buy cheap GM food and agribusiness won't grow it and fewer toxins will be in the environment and in your food supply killing you.  Don't buy a Cadillac Escalade that gets 8 MPG, and maybe global warming will lessen.  And weird weather patterns may abate somewhat.  However, no amount of crazed dramatic recitation of wild theories will make the HAARP anything like what these guys claim, an instrument of weather manipulation.  Really, give me a break. 

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