Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Let's get out our three cornered hats and start our new revolution! GM foods the subject of revolutionary tactics.

Just last week I talked about sanitized news.  Well it seems that last month there was some rather disturbing events up in Oregon.  Some person or persons went out into some fields leased to mega multi national Gene Tech Giant Syngenta where GM sugar beets are grown, and they pulled the beets up out of the ground, killing them.  Two different fields, over 6500 plants in total, and no suspects.  The FBI was called in.  Let's look at that, THE FBI WAS CALLED IN!  When was the FBI called in for small time vandals here in the USA?  Doesn't happen very often I think.

Anyway, the FBI involvement in an act of vandalism against a huge multinational corporation only shows the extent to which Syngenta and other huge businesses run the government.  The fact that this bit of eco-terrorism was not mentioned on any television news programs or websites (except Fox) shows how much they have the ability to sanitize the mainstream media presentation of the news.  If any station mentions this bit of news, then the prevailing opinion of Big Business is that it just might encourage "Copy-Cat" vandals to do the same.  Huh!  Really.  I don't think that those guys would want that now.  I'm pretty sure that the English didn't like the colonists doing a little vandalism with their tea.  You know, now days, those vandals are considered HEROES.  Their governing body ruled without acknowledging the needs of the colonists.  To put that into modern perspective, they ruled with no consideration of the welfare of the populace and instead ruled at the behest of the needs and desires of the British run East India Trading Company.  Aaaahhhhh, not something that all textbooks ever talk about, but it does seem that even back in the 1700's the big business of the day told the king to tax the colonists unmercifully and control the trade to and from the colonies so that EITC made money, and the king and realm would get a bit of that as well.

Not much has changed.

Big business has made its money on the trade of illegal and toxic substances for a very long time.  Let us not forget that the British East India Company pretty much traded for all of its tea from China by smuggling opium in there.  The opium trade was illegal, and killed thousands.  Yet the Brits were able to drink their tea because of it.  Cheap tea and spices were the only reason the government allowed the atrocities to continue for so many years.  It seems to me that when reading about the Company, they didn't actually pay much to the Crown, instead there was a tax on imports, but only some imports.  I think that if they had the manpower, they would have imposed an income tax on the people and that would have eliminated the need to tax the Company at all.  Like here in the colonies.  My opinion only.  

Here's a fun trick to look at.  Go get your 1040 income tax forms for the last few years.  Look on the flip side at the line that tells you what your total tax is.  This is the amount that the feds feel that they need to keep from you to run the government.  Now, go back to the front side and get your total earnings.  Divide your total tax by your total earnings, this amount is a percentage of your earnings that the feds take.  If you are like most homeowners, married with 2.3 dependents, then your percentage is in the 13 to 15 percent.  Unmarried renters have a rate slightly higher.  Would you be surprised to find that most people that have incomes over 300 thousand dollars pay only 10 to 11 percent of their income.  People that make over a million, pay less than 8 percent.  I can't find any statistics on the really rich. 

Isn't that opposite of what they tell us?

Well, yeah.

The government also tells us that GM foods are good for us.  The truth is, GM foods are good for mega corporations.  I live in Arizona, I don't own a three cornered hat.  I think that if I can determine what crops are grown here that are GM, I might just consider dumping a little tea in the harbor myself. 

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