Thursday, July 25, 2013

Liar liar, pants on fire. Monsanto got caught, and they want us to beleive all their other lies. Yeah right!

When someone lies to you, about important stuff, it's pretty hard to take what they say in the future as gospel ever again.  I mean important stuff, not like when I told the ex, "No really, you carry that extra hundred and twenty pounds you've gained in the last 2 years very well!"  Yeah, it was a lie.  Maybe a little harmful, but not intended as such.  But when she told me that she wasn't skimming money from the business, and since I was the one doing all the inventory and knew it was a lie, how could I ever trust her again?  I couldn't.  When Monsanto told the world that it's prime money making product, Roundup, was totally biodegradable, safe and non-toxic; how do we as world citizens ever trust the agri-giant about anything ever again after the proof is let out about the true toxicity of Roundup?

You can't!  It isn't the first time the company has lied to us.

Back in 2007 the French took Monsanto to court and blasted the agri-giant for advertising that Roundup was non-toxic, biodegradable and left the soil clean.  With a 170 day half life, the stuff is building up in soils all over the world.  And with new research coming out all the time, we are learning that those Monsanto claims, were just another in a long list of things that put their pants on fire.

The glyphosate toxicity shows it is low in toxicity (National Pesticide Information Center)  However Roundup contains more than just glyphosate, and that is where the problems begin.  Scientific American published just one of a large number of reports out there showing the toxicity of not just glyphosate, but of the entire compound itself.  (Scientific American)  And it is interesting to note, the the toxicity specs for glyphosate are given to the NPIC by Monsanto, and are for glyphosate only, not for Roundup itself.

The question though is did anyone actually think that Monsanto would tell us the truth about their product that they invented in 1970 and went into production in 1973 and as the patent holder, made the company billions?  Some of that money went to insure that the company continued to rake in big money after the patent expired, which it did in 2000.  The insurance consisted of two things, genetically modified crops, and of course the big one, buying all of the seed companies so that the only available seed for farmers to purchase would be their patented seeds.  And the purchase of seed came with an unbreakable contract to buy their Roundup, at inflated prices. 

A money machine that would make Rockefeller, Getty and Carnegie jealous.

Liar liar, pants on fire.  Roundup and now GM crops are just the latest in a long list of money making products for Monsanto.  Aspartame, yep, believe it or not, it's a Monsanto product.  Approved, approval rescinded, a huge controversial decision to re approve the product that involved top directors of the FDA to get high paying jobs at Monsanto, and the big one, the majority of the research doctors at the FDA to state on record that they disapproved of Aspartame and questioned the safety of the chemical.  Aspartame is still used heavily in American food production, even with hundreds of research reports detailing how harmful it is and all contradicting the research done by Monsanto which is the basis of its approval.  It will soon be added to sixteen different milk products with absolutely no requirement for the manufacturers to add it to the label ingredients. 

Liar liar, Monsanto also is the company that made billions on PCB manufacturing.  Instead of destroying the waste products of the production as they should have done, they dumped them into landfills, streams, ponds outside the factories, and did anything they could to NOT pay the costs of safely disposing of industrial waste.  Monsanto is directly involved in 48 EPA superfund sites and connected with 34 more, that have been part of the ten trillion dollar cleanup process that has been ongoing for over 40 years.  From the information that I have been able to find, Monsanto contributions and fines for the environmental disasters that they have been charged with creating has been less than one billion dollars.  (EPA Superfund info

Liar liar, your pants are burning up.  Monsanto is the force behind some of the biggest environmental disasters of our history.  PCB's, DDT, Agent Orange, and now, GMO crops and Glyphosate.  Argentina is the newest environmental disaster area. Widespread spraying of Roundup has made the rural regions of Argentina into horrific birth defect superclusters.  This link is to Dr. Mercola's page about the Argentine disaster with a video about the takeover of land by corporations from the indigenous people. (Merc)

Liar liar, pants on fire.  How do you give back trust to those that lie to you.  When the lies are little ones, like no, you're not fat, it's easy.  When those lies are huge, like GM foods are safe, wholesome, substantially equivalent to non-GM foods, and the big one, that GM foods are better for the world; then there is no granting of trust ever again.  They are all lies. 

From a corporation that has lied about their activities for decades. 

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