Sunday, July 28, 2013

A doctor practices, and they do it on US!

These are some snippets of conversations that took place whilst I was under the practicing eyes of numerous physicians in a couple different hospitals.  These are related to you so that you may take notice of what occurs when you are under the care of modern medicine.  I think we all know the truth about it, modern medicine is the number one cause of death in America today.  (Modern Medicine)

Nurse: "I need to give you some insulin."
Me: "What, why.  I don't take insulin, I'm not diabetic."
Nurse: "Well the doctor ordered it.  You are on .... (Can't remember which drug)  and it causes your blood sugar to rise.  So, which arm?"
Me: "Wait a second, how much insulin, and what kind.  And what's my blood sugar at right now?"
Nurse: "Well that I don't know, the shot was sent up from the pharmacy."
Me: "Well I kinda would like to know what my blood sugar is before you shoot me with insulin."
Exasperated, the nurse leaves and comes back about twenty minutes later and does a finger stick.  My blood glucose is 101.  
Me: "Well, that looks like about 10 or 15 units of insulin, I don't think I need that now, do you?"
Nurse: "The doctor ordered it."
She left and I did not get an injection.

Nurse enters my room: "Mr. Marshall, how's your pain level right now?"
Me: "Pain.  I'm here with blood clots in my lungs.  I'm not in any pain."
Nurse: "You're sure?  We can get you something for pain if you are in any difficulty.  Just give me a number, one to ten, your pain level, and we can go from there."
Me: "Zero."
Nurse: "Well we don't have a zero.  I'll just mark it down as a one or two.  Buzz for me if it gets worse and we can get you something to take it all away."

Two days pass, and I have horrific pains in the left side of my abdomen and have had for three hours, with no response from aids to get the nurse that offered pain relief previously.
Finally, the nurse enters: "Mr. Marshall, I understand you're having some pain."
Me: "Yes, for some time now, my left side.  Can I get some Maalox or some antacid maybe?"
Nurse: "Well, I will see what I can do."
After another three hours, my friend drove to the hospital with pepto and tums.  Didn't help
Later, Nurse: "I've brought you some pain meds, oh, you have peptobismal.  Where did you get that?"
I point to the pretty young maiden sitting on my bed next to me.
Nurse: "Well I'm going to have to put that in your chart.  I don't think that's something you should be getting.  We'll have to wait on these for the time being."

Next morning, after miserable sleepless night, the doctor palpates my abdomen and decides my pancreas is three times its normal size.  When asked what causes pancreatitis the doc was evasive, said many causes.
New nurse: "So a whole bunch of new meds to take care of this pancreatitis problem.  Hmmmm, wow, that means you now are on, let's see, eighteen medications.  And wow, look here, these two when taken together can cause pancreatitis, that's probably why you got that now."
Me: "WHAT?"
Nurse: "Sure, you can look it up on the internet, it's a well known problem.  Okay, so, here we go, let me get you some water."
I didn't take the pills.  Three weeks of pain as my pancreas returned to normal. 

Later, the dietitian comes in.  This is my sixth day in their "care".
Girl in blue, all smiles: "Hi Mr. Marshall, the nurses had me come up to talk to you, seems you haven't been eating anything at all.  We need to talk about how you need to eat to get your health back."
Me: "I certainly agree with that.  The problem is that I have not as of yet gotten anything served to me here that I would in any way consider to be, well, in any way nutritious and would help me in my recovery.  I have every day since coming here told the nurses and my doctor that I am a vegetarian, and every meal that has been brought to me has had beef, chicken or some other things that were not recognizable, processed white everything, salads of iceberg lettuce, and dressings, yogurt, well everything, that contains high fructose corn syrup or MSG.  I would literally die if I ate that stuff.  So far, I have eaten the garnish, and drunk the coffee."
Girl in blue, all smiles: "Oh Mr. Marshall, you're just being silly."

The next day after another attempt to inject me with insulin without testing to see what my blood sugar level was, I left that hospital without doctor approval.  The nurses all told me that I could not leave, that the insurance would not pay for anything if I did.  They were wrong, as usual.  The insurance paid for it all.

A year after that, I was in for a hip replacement, side effects of the medication to open my lungs up so I could breathe after the black mold and blood clots in the lungs problems.  I was told three days in hospital, three weeks in rehab.  I was on that walker moving around the place for 45 minutes out of each hour from 6 am to 9 pm.  Except for the two hours each day at therapy.  They released me after 9 days.
Nurse: "Mr. Marshall, you need to rest, you'll never get better if you push yourself too hard."
Me: "I need to walk to heal it, right?  So I walk all day.  I need to get out so I can get some real food."
Nurse: "What's wrong with the food?"
Me: "I never eat white rice, white bread, white sugar.  So far the last four days I've eaten a baked potato for every meal. I can't live like this and my sweetie can't come bring me healthy food everyday.  On the plus side, the coffee in the nurses station is pretty good."
Nurse: "Well, I'll have to put that in your chart."

Nurse: "Mr. Marshall, where have you been, we've been looking all over for you."
Me: "Well, my girlfriend, my son and I have all been out in the parking lot drinking beer and smoking cigars."
Nurse: "Well, I'll have to put that in your chart."

Nurse: "Mr. Marshall, did you see the news?  It's just terrible what happened."
Me: "No, I don't watch that thing much, what happened?"
Nurse: "Well it seems that there was a huge recall for artificial hips, some problems with them and a so they recalled some."
Me: "WHAT?"
Nurse: "Yeah, you better call your doctor and find out what brand they used on you."

 So far they haven't recalled my brand of hip replacement.

Six months after this happened, I went to my otolaryngologist to schedule a roto rooter type sinus surgery.  Seems my sinuses have been plugged completely since living in the apartment with the black mold in it.  He cultures my sinus crud and a week later informs me that I now have MRSA in there.  So, new doc, infectious disease specialist.  I received a PIC line into my left arm with the tip of the line going right into my heart.  I have to connect a bulb of antibiotics to it 3 times a day for a month.  I did not have a solid bowel movement for the entire month.  To this day, I have MRSA in my sinuses and it blooms and destroys my health nearly every other month.  This past January I was admitted to the hospital because of the infection.

Doc: "Well Mr. Marshall, I understand that you want to get this infection taken care of.  Did the doctor that did the sinus surgery explain to you how difficult it is to completely kill off the MRSA bacteria.  Especially in the sinus area, just a lot of places for it to hide and remain dormant.  It's tough."
Me: "No, he claimed it would take care of it."
Doc: "Well, that was wishful thinking, there are no absolutes when dealing with this type of thing.  You hope, but, well, I never tell people we can cure this type of infection."
Or it seems, most anything anymore.  

All of this is just to point out that doctors only practice.  They don't have any REAL idea what is specifically wrong with you in your case MOST of the time.  My brother's girlfriend has had sores on her legs since Christmas.  She has gone into the doctors numerous times.  And they have prescribed numerous antibiotics.  She still is in pain with leaking sores.  I asked her if any of them have ever taken a culture to see what the problem is.  No.  At her insistence another new doctor recently did, and found MRSA. He is now treating with a specific antibiotic that the lab showed was effective against that bacteria.  The previous eight times the different doctors only guessed.  The point here is that you have to take charge and demand that they not guess on your care.  Demand specific information, look up your meds before you take them and the biggest one of all, if possible, make sure the hospital you're in serves NUTRITIOUS food.  If they don't, do as I did and make arrangements for family and friends to bring you meals.  Try to remember that for the ENTIRE medical profession, it is just practice. 

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