Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ever wonder why AmeriKan children are addicted to sugar?

Is sugar addictive?  Yeah, it is.  At least say many of the experts in the fields of addiction and neuroscience.  I think personally that they are right, I mean I don't drink soda, haven't for years, but sometimes, there is that craving.  And it is hard to beat down.  And I'm a 59 year old man that thinks about everything that I ingest, and it is hard at times, what must it be like for the youth in AmeriKa?  And for infants.

Yeah, infants.  If you have, or have had, or are planning on having a child, did you ever look at the label of a can of powdered infant formula? If you haven't, it is pretty enlightening.  There is so many news stories on the TV about the childhood obesity problem in AmeriKa today and all of the ones that I have taken the time to view, have just glossed over the problem.  The news teams, with their long eye lashes and long legs announce the problems, that children in AmeriKa are obese, but there is never any explanations as to why.  No definitive information about how when you feed your kids McDonalds crap everyday, along with soda, chips and candy bars; then they will be fat.  There are no warnings that all that processed food, all that sugar, is in fact addictive, and the MAIN cause of their obesity.  TV will never tell us the truth.  Agribusiness makes the rules, they pay the salaries of news networks with advertising dollars.

Food agrigiants love it.  It truly is, money in the bank.  The addictive nature of not just the sugar in ALL processed foods, but the additives and worst of all, the MSG compounds increase the addictive nature of all that crap that for little uneducated minds, is a death sentence.  And it starts with infant formula.  Babies should not be fed corn syrup.  Nearly pure fructose.  Their systems are unable to handle the influx of fructose that the human system has only one method of ridding the body of the stuff, and that is to turn it into fat.  Fat babies, turn into fat toddlers that turn into fat children that turn into fat teens that then turn into a drain on the medical system as fat adults have system after system and organ after organ fail.  They afterall, have become addicted to the food that they were raised on, sugar, MSG and processed foods.  And the agrigiants go to the bank with their toxic dollars.  It isn't their problem. 

Elle magazine has printed an article about how damaging GM foods are to people.  Weird, but true, a mainstream rag printing bad stuff about the agrigiants and their money making empire.  (Elle Article)  I thought it was groundbreaking.  But then General Mills and the Monsanto empire don't advertise in Elle.  But I am curious if any of the Elle readers read the story.  There were no beauty tips, no ways to make your wrinkles smoother or your breasts larger or your makeup trendier.  So who read it, I mean, other than me.

I mention this Elle article as a sidebar to the infant sugar problem.  We have to understand that all of the corn syrup and most of the white sugar that comes from sugar beets (70% of total sugar production) are from Genetically Modified crops.  So if the Elle article is accurate and that the ingestion of GM crops, especially corn and corn derivatives causes the eosinophilic reactions and autoimmune disorders in adults, it stands to reason that they must have a similar effect on infants.  The immune systems are in fact considerably more susceptible to environmental factors and toxins than in an adult.  Perhaps this is why infants don't handle immunization all that well and so many of their systems react to the toxins in their diet along with the heavy metal contamination of the vaccines and their bodies have no way to react other than what we have here in AmeriKa, high infant mortality, high rates of autism, high rates of ADHD and ADD.  And of course, rampant childhood obesity.  Is there truth to this speculation?  I don't think we will ever truly know, there won't be any research done, not specifically for that; who would pay for it.  And if any research scientist were to ever produce such findings, then the medical community along with those that manufacture vaccines, junk food and the government regulators that make all their "extra" income from business would tell us that the research is wrong, based on faulty conclusions and faulty research.

These are just a few of the prominent scientists that have published research about Genetically Modified food, and what the makers, distributors, regulators and government gimmee gimmee money guys have said about it all.

Seralini, rats fed GM food pretty much all got cancer - BAD RESEARCH
Princeton University study proves horizontal gene transfer - BAD RESEARCH
Dr, Carman findings of gastro intestinal damage to pigs fed GM food - BAD RESEARCH
Russian Nationals fed GM food to hamsters, all sterile by 3rd generation - BAD RESEARCH
Dr. Mezzomo proves that Bt toxin is in fact damaging to humans - BAD RESEARCH
NCBI study shows long term exposure to Roundup damages human systems - BAD RESEARCH
Dr. Puztai announces results of study on GM potatoes - BAD RESEARCH, and loses job and can't find anyone to publish his findings nor will fund any more research on GM foods

This is just a few of the big ones.  There are lots of research papers out that show the links between GM foods, the over use of toxic pesticides, herbicides and petrochemical fertilizers and the destruction of the environment as well as the degradation of human systems.  And they have all been ridiculed by the manufacturers of those very toxic chemicals and GM foods.  Who have their own research proving how safe these poisons are.

Poisons that the manufacturers have proven safe with their research.
PCB's  Monsanto -SAFE to the envionment.  So safe, the manufacturing waste could be dumped into streams, lakes and landfills.  At a cost of ten trillion dollars to clean up
Cyclamates - Cancer causing, but safe
DDT - Safe for the environment
Agent Orange - Safe for use on crops for human consumption
Aspartame - Non toxic and healthy

There's more, but it all makes me sick to think about.  And a little off track about how feeding your infant baby formula that contains corn syrup is a recipe for disaster.  The infant formula manufacturers have done a whole lot of research, and their conclusions are that babies need high fructose corn syrup in their diets, right from day one.  And from then on, every day, in every way, in every thing.  Just one more thing to think about.  In our weird and screwed up world, there are a whole lot of things to think about.

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