Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 1, 2013. The first day of forever

What is going to happen tomorrow, and the day after, and next week, and the week after, next year, and the years on toward the end of life as we know it?  Do we really know?  Did the Mayans have it right afterall, and that the life that is now the dominant life form on the planet living in a vacuous void of humanity induced death creating Armageddon of our own (well of Monsanto's) creation? 


I believe so anyway.  I think Monsanto does as well.  Two years ago they purchased Beelogics, one of the largest bee research facilities in the world.  Beelogics is attempting to find a causality, and ultimately a solution to the the problem of Bee Colony Collapse Syndrome that is now a world wide problem.  Bees in fact are absolutely necessary for modern agriculture, with over 150 different plants, fruits and vegetables DEPENDENT on pollination by bees to produce food and to reproduce.  However the population of bees in the world has been reduced by over an estimated 25% by a mysterious problem of bees just dying off and/or disappearing completely.  So far, the progress reported has nothing to do with reality and Monsanto inducing bee die off problems with all the huge increases in sales of Monsanto herbicides, Monsanto Pesticides, Monsanto Petro-chemical based fertilizers, Monsanto Genetically Modified crops, or Monsanto lies and bribery and payoffs.  Hard to think it ever will, but the truth is there, and they can hide it only so long behind their so called research stating bees are dying because of problems with viral infections.  Bees don't get viral infections unless they are weakened because their diet of GM pollen loaded with herbicides and pesticides is destroying their natural immunity. 

Beelogics introduced and is testing an antiviral drug on bee colonies in June.  The spokesman for Beelogics admitted that this was only part of the problem, and that the decline in bees could, repeat, COULD be in part, overuse of pesticide and herbicides.  I have not been able to verify whether or not that guy is still employed there or not after having made such a damaging statement about the company that owns the company he works for. 

Craig Childs is a reporter and recently worked on a piece for NPR,  where he setup a camera in a field of Genetically Modified corn and in time lapse photography documented all the creatures that came to visit the plants there.  Nothing came.  Nothing.  A stray spider came, then left.  And the breeze blew the stalks about in a seemingly dead environment.  This is the perfect world that Monsanto wants to grow our food in.  I'm not sure what actually went on during that filming because it is a known FACT that insects now eat GM crops with impunity as they have developed immunity to the BT toxin.  But perhaps in this field the farmer sprayed way way more insecticides than recommended and that is why there is a dead zone.  But then again, that may indeed be the vision of the future that Monsanto has for us, and what may in fact be the end of the world as prophecied by the Mayans.  What is the old saying, we go out not with a bang, but a long slow quiet whimper.

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