Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cancer info

 I am not certain, but it sure seems as though after all these years, that big Pharma companies and the Medical establishment should have made some advances in the treatment of cancer.  They haven't, more people die from cancer every year.  Death rates have gone way up for most types of cancer, a few exception, breast, prostate are the most notable.  The rest, the sad news is nope, the incidence is higher, the survival, is lower.  Despite billions and billions of dollars going into research, and treatments.


The Cancer Industry: The Classic Expose on the Cancer Establishment by Ralph W. Moss - An ex-cancer insider at the Sloan Kettering institute details all of the alternative therapies which have been railroaded by the cancer establishment. An interesting read for anyone who has the nagging feeling that the cancer war is being lost because pharmaceutical companies are avoiding possible natural, non patentable cures.  And the FDA is in cahoots and protects the monopoly that big Pharma companies have over research by persecuting any individual doing research on his own in his own private facilities.  Even when he shows HUGE results.

The man is Dr. Burzinski, and you can view a short movie about his triumphs, and persecution (movie)

"People think the FDA is protecting them - it isn't. What the FDA is doing and what people think it's doing are as different as night and day." - Herbert L. Ley, Jr., M. D., former Commissioner of the FDA 

I never have and never will approve a new drug to an individual, but only to a large pharmaceutical firm with unlimited finances.” - Dr. Richard J. Crout, former Director of the FDA

Budget for the National Cancer Institute is 5.4 Billion Dollars annually.
Big Pharma companies in the Fortune 500, have profit percentages that are TRIPLE that of ANY other Fortune 500 company.  The top five drug companies make MORE in PROFIT than the entire rest of the Fortune 500 companies COMBINED.

There is no monetary incentive to find a cure for cancer. 

If you think about it, their actions undermine the fundamental principal of medical practice and is part of the Hippocratic oath that each and every doctor takes, "First, do no harm."  

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