Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bt Toxin showing harmful effects on humans

It is something that keeps getting bigger and bigger.  The proliferation of GM crops that is.  Genetically Modified plants, the new technological "WONDER" plants  created by the incredibly scary process of gene insertion.  Monsanto is of course the main player in this farce of science, and they want the world to think that they have the science down to, well, to a science.  They don't, it is all hit or miss with them.  When scientists play God, it takes a lot of practice to get it even close.  So far, not doing so well.  This is all about BT toxin, the natural insecticide that is made by bacteria, it is pretty effective at killing insects that consume the bacteria.  Monsanto God specialists decided that this amazing little bacteria could in fact be utilized in ways unthought of by God him or herself.  Monsanto decided to one up God, and make the world a place where money will flow into their coffers like the proverbial fountain with milk and honey.

I have gone over the way Genetically Modified plants are created, it is indeed hit or miss.  (Method)  And since Monsanto has never really done much in the way of actually trying to determine if the creation of these new plants grow into anything weird or in anyway perverse; there has never been any studies done on what happens when humans, and other mammals consume the end product.  Monsanto never has, they don't want to know.  They want the milk and honey to roll in.  Negative side effects are the problems of the Congress of the USA.  After all, Congress gave them permission to make as much money as they want by foisting Genetically Modified plants on the world Carte Blanche back in 1996.  And Monsanto has done exactly that.  And they are covered in milk and honey.

So, now the fun part.  I am lacking in energy lately, and until today failed to find this article about BT toxin and the effects on humans.  ( BT TOXIN)  And it is scary.  I have talked about it here in the past, and now there is scientific evidence to back up my worst fears.  In a nutshell, here it is.  BT toxin breaks down into several components, the most toxic are Cry1aB and Cry1aC. These are the agents that kill the insects.  This report is about the test of these toxins on human liver cells.  It isn't pretty.  My worst fears are found to be true.  Those that want to play God, need more practice.  Or at least some backup plan and safety procedures.

Oops, I may have misspoken, Monsanto it seems does have a backup plan.  It is called H.R. 5973.  (HR5973) and it is THE backup plan and get out of jail card free of all time.

                                           OF ALL TIME!!!

Basically what Monsanto did, was GET some House Representatives to add a "RIDER" to a rather innocuous farm bill.  This rider in fact throughout Washington is known as "The Monsanto RIDER" and it is the dream of EVERY lobbyist, bigwig, politico, CEO and communist everywhere.  It gives MONSANTO freedom from ANY LIABILITY for ANY PRODUCT that they manufacture and have sold to the world for all that milk and honey.

                                  FREEDOM FROM LIABILITY!!!!!

BT toxin residues are a part of the crop that is eaten.  Research now shows that the gene that was implanted into the GM crop migrates into the bacteria living in the intestines of humans that eat them.  Humans that now have these naturally modified bacteria living in their own guts, produce BT toxin continuously, on their own.  And we know that as the BT toxin builds in your system, livers will be damaged.  More research is coming, will more problems be found?

Contact your representative and tell them to strip the Monsanto Rider to H.R. 5973.  When millions of people suffer liver failure, they need to sue Monsanto to get a bit of that milk and honey.

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