Sunday, January 27, 2013


So what do you do?  I mean really, eating chips and dip or salsa is such a HUGE part of Americana here in the southwest that it is unthinkable to consider life without them.  Friends that know me understand my obsession with chips and all the accoutrement's.  A big part of my life in the past was centered around just these two items, dips and salsa.  Yup, I was the SalsaKing.  And I made dips as well.  check em out at (Salsaking)  or at my last incarnation (Gods)  Where I resurrected similar dip mixes and added to the number of varieties to make 16 kinds.  So, as you can see, I am the guy that eats chips and dips or salsa, a lot.  I mean A LOT.  When recovering from surgery to replace my hip a couple years ago, I lived on chips and salsa.  Yeah, potato chips make up most of my obsession because I do have this horrific fear of Genetically Modified corn.  See MOST of my other entries here on this blog as I go into the problem a lot here.  Potato chips cooked in anything other than canola oil have been my chip of choice for a long time.  Yeah, on occasion I will eat commercial corn chips, but it is rare.     

 But then, I found these guys.  Yup, hard to believe, but Tostitos makes an ORGANIC corn chip.  And not fried in canola, it doesn't get any better than that.  I also found these Rice Chips from Lundberg, and I love them. 
 So, I thought I would put these two products out there into the universe since not many people know about them.  And with Super Bowl coming up next weekend, anyone that is like me and only planning on serving potato chips because there are no good non-toxic corn chips available, think again, there are now some nice alternatives available. 

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