Saturday, January 19, 2013

How to be perfect

It isn't fleeting, it isn't ethereal, it isn't unattainable, it is a belief, one in which someone believes beyond any and all reasonable certainty that their opinion is more important than any other.  Most people out there know of someone like that, they post the most outrageous things on Facebook and Twitter and Google+.  They have an opinion, and it is unassailable.  When you, or anyone, comments differing opinions they are told in so many words that you are idiotic for having an opinion that doesn't match theirs, or your comment is deleted, or they will unfriend you so you can no longer rein on their personal parade.  In the world of being perfect, it is not a good thing to have detractors stating obvious and reasonably SANE statements that contradict.

I think most people know someone or more than one person that is like that.  Shoot, I was married to someone like that.  I was a second class person in her mind because I had thoughts and beliefs that differed from hers.  And I have family that is the same way, firmly entrenched in their concepts of morality, decency and of course, diet.  Most of my family and people that I know, eat white bread.  Not my thing, but I'm not in their face about it nor do I unfriend them or unfamily them because they think differently.  I accept everyone for who they are.  I point out differences in philosophy, and if they want to change their views of the world, I am happy.  If not, I still accept them as they are. 

This was recently posted on Facebook by someone who is of the belief that they are perfect.  Who comes up with this stuff?  Does anyone really believe that Obama thinks of himself as God?  Can you imagine someone attempting to confirm this belief, here they all are, huge press conference on the lawn of the White House, Obama makes his speech, reporters all jockeying for position to be noticed, to be called on by the President himself.  All with hands wildly waving in the air calling to him.  the President calls on one lucky reporter and that person asks the question, "Mr. President, do you believe that you are God?" 

I have opinions.  I truly believe that Monsanto WANTS to be "GOD-LIKE".  That is pretty much the reasoning behind their drive to get House Bill H.R. 5973 passed.  That bill gives Monsanto immunity from any and all liability for damages from any product they make.  GM plants, roundup, pesticides, everything.  Yeah, GOD-LIKE is an apt description.  That's my opinion.  If someone can offer evidence to the contrary, I will alter my opinion.  I do have an open mind, I believe what I see and what is provably real, and form opinions based on that.  And yeah, at times my opinions seem like unwarranted rhetoric, but the scary part is that they are not. 

This is another Facebook post from the same person.  I commented on this post, and my comments were deleted.  Rhetoric.  And yes, that person is a gun toting hardcore fundamentalist Christian.  Pretty silly huh?  Does anybody REALLY blame the guns for violent acts?  Of course not.  But that is what this is about. How people, anyone, can feel that they are, well, perfect. 

Is anyone really perfect?  Certainly my ex wife is, just ask her.  But other than her, who else?  Having opinions and having a firm belief that those opinions are unassailable is not perfection, it is nothing more than human.  Being closed minded is not any where close to achieving perfection, it is just what it is. 

This post is nothing more than an exercise in the human right to think, to live your own life as you believe.  I hope that all people out in the real world see that, and believe that every other person out there has that same right, and accepts every other person's right to think, however different those thoughts might be from their own.

cogito, ergo sum.   Have a happy day.

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