Saturday, January 26, 2013

The SINGLE most important event in history!

Wow, yeah, a big one today huh?  Okay Chef Roy, what do you consider to be the single most important event in human history?  Not the invention of Facebook, not the computer chip, not even the electric light bulb, and certainly not the taming of electricity.  Nope, all those have some importance, but in reality, the single biggest, most important, incredibly unique event that forever altered the development of humans was when some 2.6 million years ago some Astropithicus hominid banged two rocks together and looked at them, saw that one of them became sharper, and then kept doing it over and over again. 


Yeah, not what you expected from me is it?  Think about it, the development of tools are what allowed early man to go from scavenger, to hunter gatherer, to agricultural agrarian, to Joe Schmuckatelly down the street watching TV all day with a can of Bud in his hand.  Doesn't sound possible, but it is true.  When early man was able to use sharpened rocks to scrape meat from bone and then crush the bones to extract the marrow, as has been identified by anthropological finds of bone and bone fragments, then those early men were able to extract as much of the protein from scavenged carcasses as possible.  And then they began the process of using the sharpened stones to hunt for themselves.  Man no longer had to rely on nuts and berries and an occassional bit of meat, but went to a higher protein diet which allowed for the development of larger brains and reduction of digestive gut size and increased the capability to utilize a greater variety of proteins and other food sources.  It also allowed for the bad part of all this, the fat storage module to store readily as readily available source of energy, fat, for lean times when food was in abundance.  Modern man usually has that abundance all the time now, so that ancient storage mechanism is more hindrance than advancement. 

                             Wait, Chef, are you saying MAN developed eating MEAT?

                                                 Aren't you a vegetarian?

Yes, modern man developed into the wondrous machine that it is by having large amounts of meat available.  And yes, I am lacto-ovo-piscerian vegetarian.  And the reality is I don't have anything against meat, what I object to is MODERN MEAT.  Super market meat is NOT what humans evolved eating.  I've gone over my  objections here before (MEAT)  they are still valid, and pretty disgusting too.  Let's use a pretty cool analogy here.  Let's say that your body is just like the high tech and extremely cool Ferrari.  It is designed to do some mighty cool stuff, go fast, take corners unlike any other car, and stop on a dime.  But it needs high quality fuel to do that.  If you put gas and water and methanol mix into the tank, it runs like crap, doesn't perform well and will burn up the motor pretty quick.  Just like a human, feed it crappy meat, toxic foods, and it runs sluggishly, dies out early. 

Anyway, just was working on my website, and was adding some info on  dietary types to it and added the Paleo diet.  That's where some weirdos think that to live the good life you have to eat like a caveman.  Well, all the mastadons are gone, but to each his own.  People I work with think I am weird to make my own Kimchee.  Maybe because it smells bad.  But then good blue cheese stinks too. And I love that as well. 

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