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selling your soul

Alright, it isn't about me, it is once again another monologue about my favorite American company, Monsanto.  Well, actually about the whole gene tech industry in total.  Most of it anyway, there have been some pretty exciting and innovative advances in the world because of gene technology, most notable is the manufacture of human insulin.  My first wife was diabetic and when that stuff came on the market, it was indeed a miracle.  But that was real science, Genetically Modified crops are not, despite what the big guys say.  I can remember back in the late nineties reading about the new wave of GM plants that would change the face of the world.  It was in some magazine, I can't remember and can't find any reference to it now, but it did stick in my mind at the time.  The reference was to the new BT toxin plants coming out and the quote was that Monsanto had taken God's pesticide and made it part of the corn plant so insects will never again ravage the crops of humanity.  Wow.  (How gene splicing is done)

I remember BT, I used to garden, and you could go to the nursery and buy concentrated bacteria cultures of
Bacillus Thuringiensis.  Mix with water and spray it on your plants, the bugs eat it and die. Easy, safe, what is left on the outside of the plant is washed off when you wash the plants.  Monsanto decided that was a good enough concept, so they spliced a gene into corn and other crops that makes the BT toxin and it is IN the plant, not on it.  It is always there.  To date, studies done on the toxicity of the ACTUAL BT TOXIN on humans, ZERO.  We are eating BT toxin each and every time we eat GM corn or other GM plants.  We do know that it is absorbed into the bloodstream, and even passed through the placenta to unborn babies, but we don't know what it does to humans long term.

Sales last year of GM crop seeds by Monsanto --- $1.2 billion.

Money spent to determine if crops are toxic in long term feeding -----  $0

I don't want to eat that stuff.  I don't.  I shouldn't have to.  YOU shouldn't have to either.  Monsanto stated before the Senate in 1996 that GM crops are substantially equivalent to regular crops in EVERY way.  And so the Senate gave them pretty much blanket approval through the FDA.  When GM crops are planted in real world situations, meaning out on farms to grow crops for human and animal consumption, then the risk of cross fertilization is very real.  Well, actually, it is a dead certainty.  Corn pretty much in the whole world is contaminated with GM genes.  It is pretty hard to get non-GM corn anymore.  (GM CORN) For that matter, it will soon be difficult to get nonGM anything as there are over 800 GM plants in line waiting to be approved.  Thankfully the FDA hasn't figured out that the Senate gave them the power to approve anything put before them by Monsanto, instead they are taking the bureaucratic route and taking their own sweet time about doing it. Hooray for them.  Government inefficiency is the only thing saving us.

BT Toxin plants in production today -----  9

Monetary value of crops grown that have BT Toxin imbedded in them  --- $140 Billion

Number of Environmental Impact studies done by Monsanto regarding the likelihood of uncontrolled spread of GM genes into the world food supply  ---ZERO

The other thing I don't want to consume is glyphosate.  Roundup.  This stuff is toxic.  It is advertised as being totally biodegradable by Monsanto.  It is an out and out lie.  France required Monsanto and other manufacturers to remove that lie from advertising and as I understand it, are taking steps to eliminate it from the marketplace.  It destroys soil microbial life, persists for years, and just now there is research being done as to linking glyphosate to huge numbers of farming problems and long term environmental disasters.  The thing is that the whole point of GM crops is that farmers can spray Roundup on their crops and kill the weeds, and make farming easier.  But lack of forsight has once again destroyed that vision, weeds are now evolving into Roundup resistant plants as well.  Roundup   So, more than ever, Roundup is being sprayed in ever increasing amounts.  (Glyphosate info)  And the stuff just keeps getting better.  Now in an effort to compensate for the lack of effectiveness of the GM plants Dow and other Gene Tech companies are introducing plants that are resistant to not just glyphosate, but also Agent Orange, 2,4-T.  Anyone that has ever lived near cotton fields understands the problem, they spray Agent Orange on the cotton so it will drop the leaves, then in late Autumn they harvest the cotton with vacuum cleaners and the entire area gets a huge dose of the stuff causing widespread lung, sinus and general health problems for anyone within a few miles. 
Glyphosate is bad, Agent Orange is worse, yet for some reason, GM Tech companies believe that putting ever more toxic chemicals into the environment is good for humanity.

Amount of Glyphosate sold to farmers in 2009 --140 MILLION pounds

Number of times US EPA has caught labs deliberately falsifying reports on environmental Glyphosate use for Monsanto -- 2 times

Back to the top, pesticides.  BT toxin being in the plants themselves, and therefore in anything we eat that is GM food, well, that is the worst part of all of this.  The absolute failure of the whole concept of GM plants.  Instead of killing insects as they eat the BT toxin plants, the insects are doing what life everywhere does when presented with new environmental factors, it evolves.  Now, there are so many BT toxin resistant insects out there that the GM concept is a complete failure.  I just love this line, I used it once before and will say it again here, I don't believe that courses in basic biology where they learn basic evolution are required for people to become Gene Tech scientists.  So, overall, GM plants, FAILURE.

Amounts of pesticides sprayed on crops just in the US for 2007   $13.884 BILLION

Amounts estimated by EPA for 2015 --   $38.5 BILLION

Recently there have been some startling new studies being done by independent labs and universities regarding long term feeding of GM foods.  These are frightening.  One showed that hamsters, rats and rabbits fed GM soy were sterile by the third generation.  Another showed that rats fed just 10% of their diet to be GM soy and corn had huge numbers of degenerative problems and tumors riddling their bodies.  And the biggest study was that when humans were fed GM soy, the bacteria in their intestinal tracts took on the GM genes and their own bodies were producing BT toxin inside their own guts.  In 1996, Monsanto told the Senate that the genes would NEVER migrate between organisms.  They lied.  Well, I will give them the benefit of the doubt, they may not have known.  But then this is what happens when in the race to make billions of dollars companies falsify research, don't do adequate testing, or in some cases, bypass completely required testing, and push products into the world for use simply because you have the perfect method of making money delivered to you by scientists.  Genetically Modify genes for better food.  This is the perfect business model for making BIG money

The concept of GM plants is born with the reduction of eurycic acid in Canola to LESSEN the toxicity of that product. It is still toxic.
Through dedicated trial and error and years of it too, BT toxin and glyphosate resistance are added to corn, soy, cotton, canola.
Monsanto buys most of the seed manufacturing companies in the US and other parts of the world.
Monsanto owned seed companies only offer GM seed to farmers and only under strict contract that farmers must use Monsanto chemicals on fields planted with Monsanto GM plants.
When farmers who plant their own seed from seed that they saved that has never been purchased from a Monsanto seed company, then Monsanto steps in, tests the plants growing in that farmer's fields and shows them to be contaminated with Monsanto patented GM genes because it is impossible to contain airborne and insect pollinated plants, then Monsanto takes the farmers to court and sues them for patent infringement.  AND THEY WIN!!!!!!  Many farmers have lost their farms in the midwest and Canada due to Monsanto patent infringement lawsuits.  This should never have happened, and if Monsanto had EVER done an environmental impact statement as required by US law, then this would be quite clear.
The end result is staggering, farmers are unable to buy non-GM seed to plant, they can't buy seed from ANYONE else because of the contamination, so they keep paying Monsanto out of fear.

It all goes back to the Monsanto revolving door. (just one site about it all)  where government heads of departments, and well anyone in the EPA, USDA, FDA and other groups that have the power to make decisions, make policy changes that are favorable to Gene Tech companies and then end up on their padded payrolls.  It ain't just me sayin' this stuff, it is all over the internet with names, facts, and in some cases salaries given to these guys.  Bribery gets things done in America today.  Look at the latest from Monsanto and their attempt to save themselves.  I think they know that the poop is about to hit the fan and in a last ditch effort to keep from being destroyed by lawsuits, they paid off a few House members to add what is known as the "Monsanto Rider" onto House Bill 5973.  This bill gives Monsanto IMMUNITY from liability for any harm that might be shown to be caused by any of their GM technology plants, their huge output of chemicals, and from stupidity and lying as well.

                                                       Final Tally

Monsanto ---- Billions

Citizens of the world ----  LOSERS, slow death, cancer, degenerative diseases, sterility, and no recourse.

Selling your soul for money, it happens everywhere, everyday.  On a huge billion dollar corporate level, and everyday small time operation as well.  Take my ex for example, Lorena, Borquin, Ford, Marshall, Martinez or whatever name she uses now to avoid prosecution.  She buys pasta from a manufacturer in Ohio, ships it to Austin, bags it and labels it with her company name.  She then sells it at events and claims it is organic (she does that to compete with my old company) and that she manufacturers it herself.  She does not disclose that the stuff she buys is made with eggs, (not listed on the ingredients) and also states it is made with organic Durum wheat, which it is not, it is made with Hard Red Winter Wheat, a whole different animal.  She does this all to get a leg up on the competition, my old company.  Lies, falsehoods, libelous acts, and illegal actions, all for money.  Not billions, but for hundreds.  She is selling her soul, for a few bucks.  The temptation is there, we see it everyday, everywhere.








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