Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More about Modern Meat, again.

People think I am nuts when I tell them I don't eat meat.  All kinds of crap like, "Did you cry when Bambi's father got shot?" or "You sure don't look like a tree hugger, they're always skinny pasty faced little wimps" or "You need a good steak boy, that will change your mind about that life style"  Sheesh, really?  Read a few things about the meat that you are eating, that will change YOUR mind about meat. 

Hey, I love meat, I love good Texas BBQ, sausages, pork carnitas, and the miracles that I can do with chicken in the kitchen make the ladies melt.  I just can't stand MODERN MEAT.  Meat today is not what humans are supposed to eat.  EVER!.  (Modern Meat)  There are so many problems with meat, the Ractopamine usage is probably the worst problem, with the stuff being banned in every other country except the US.  And of course the Ruskies and Chinese a few months back banning any imports of meat from the US because of the ractopamine use here.  There is the high antibiotic content of the meat from feeding the stuff to prevent diseases because they keep them in such horrific unsanitary conditions.  Then there is the feed itself thing, with feeds consisting of, well, let's not go into that here, I just ate breakfast.  There are numerous articles here on my blog about it, and the net is full of stuff as well.  What I wan to talk about is the GOVERNMENT again.  Yaaaaay, the good ol' US government once again taking bribes and kickbacks, oops, sorry, can't say that without proof, once again rescinding their rules about additives for the benefit of meat and chicken producers. 

The Food  Safety Inspection Service, FSIS, a division of the USDA has agreed to the demands of Kraft, Global Inc and Kemin Food Technologies and has rescinded their rules against the use of three toxic chemicals being added to lower quality beef and chicken in order to substantially mask the quality and hide the defects during inspection and to retard bacterial growth from improper storage and processing techniques.  The chemicals are Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Proprionate, and Benzoic Acid.  Each of these chemicals is listed in the PAN as moderately toxic, with no info on chronic toxicity.  No one has done any testing on that aspect of their characteristics; maybe no one thought anyone would be stupid enough to put it on meat so humans would eat the stuff  EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THEIR LIVES and so would need to find out what the chronic effects would be. 

As far as chemical additives go, these are only in the moderate category.  And unfortunately we just don't have enough information to make informed decisions about them to warrant whether or not they should be allowed in meat processing.  The fact is that the USDA had already banned their use.  It is the actions of just another government entity that once again bows to pressure from large businesses with virtually unlimited funds so that those same businesses can use INFERIOR grades of meat and chicken, items that would previously been sent off to make dog food or destroyed, but are now amazingly saved from that fate and restored in appearance enough to be accepted by inspectors and sent out for sale to humans.  All by the addition of only moderately toxic chemicals.  What I want to know is, do the guys that took money from these companies to rescind that rule eat meat, or are they like me and now vegetarian?

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