Sunday, April 21, 2013

To those that are innocent, except in AmeriKa

Weird times in the good ol' USA today.  Innocence is a transient thing, and it is lost to those with true innocence.  That poor guy that was car jacked by the Boston Bombers, let's just say he is a terrorist.  And the man that owned the boat that suspect number 2 was hiding in, he's a terrorist as well. 

Not really, but if we apply the same reasoning to them that the justice system in AmeriKa does to farmers now, then they would be tried and jailed for their participation in the horrific act of terrorism that happened on April 15.

Now that seems extreme, but it is true.  And please don't think that I feel that way, it is just to make a point.  Farmers here in AmeriKa are treated as guilty and the law of the land, the courts here in big agribusiness controlled AmeriKa, uphold lawsuits that do EXACTLY that. 

When a small farmer is growing their crops, let's say corn, and a neighbor, or a big agribusiness conglomerate farm nearby plants A Genetically Modified crop nearby, the pollen WILL contaminate the first farmer's crop.  It is a given, it cant NOT happen.  Monsanto and other GM seed companies go into the farmer's fields, TRESPASSING, and take samples of the crop that are now infected with GM pollen and growing GM corn; they can test the corn for those GM genes.  And then sue the farmer for patent infringement.  Monsanto has filed suits against over 400 farmers for this very thing.  And they win. 

What does that say about justice in AmeriKa today?  Not much.  It is a sad thing when money rules, and innocence is lost. 

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