Friday, April 12, 2013

Truth in Labeling costs could amount to hundreds of BILLIONS of Dollars

I have talked here before about the magazines that I get all the time.  Food business industry rags, all about trends, what's hot, what's makin' money for big biz.  The latest issue came last week and I read this article about the USDA new regulations that are designed to bring the US into compliance with World Trade Organization rules.  Specifically about the labeling of beef is required to have on the retail label, the country of origin and country where slaughtered and processed.  Big agribusiness is fighting this reg with tooth and nail.  They DON'T want the public to know where the meat they are selling to stores for you to consume, comes from.  The big problem that the meat packers are saying is that "It will add significant costs at the retail level to the product."  Maybe I'm stupid, but why?

It seems that this is the big buzz expression that big business uses when they are trying to keep BAD news from consumers.  Remember Prop 37 in California?  Monsanto and big biz ad campaign was based largely on telling consumers that the price of adding a line of ink to labels would increase the cost of the food a family buys each year by horrendous amounts.  And of course, with no actual explanation of why those costs would be increasing.  We are just supposed to accept the word of big biz, who want desperately to buy things as cheap as possible, and sell them to you at high markups and hope you believe that it is all good for you and unadulterated.  Not always the case though now is it.  The big thing with the beef guys right now is that so much of the cheap beef at the markets is coming from, yep, MEXICO.  And we know how careful they are about cleanliness.  And feeding the beef good healthy feed.

So the real cost of labeling food in America is not the cost of printing the info on the label, it is going to be the cost of all the meat, GMO tainted foods and other crap that has to be taken to landfills and tossed because MOST AmeriKans are smart enough to realize that the crap that is coming into stores for us to eat, is CRAP.  I wouldn't want to eat Mexican beef.  Already I don't eat anything from China, and I avoid all the GM big ones, grocery store zucchini, all Corn, all Soy, all CANOLA.  Of course I don't eat beef, ever.  But if I did, I sure as hell wouldn't want Mexican beef.  Noting against Mexican people, hey, I married one once, but let's be real, some scary stories coming out about stuff processed down there.

It is after all my life, my health, and consequences are mine to deal with for poor decisions.  The Feds may allow companies to put chronic toxins into our food supply so that big businesses can make lots of money, but so far they CAN'T require me to eat it.  It is still my decision.

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