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The Holistic Approach to Cancer Survival A Guest Blogger Comments

What follows is a column written by fellow blogger David Haas, who asked me to publish this info on my blog to get the concept out there.  I like it, so here it is.
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The Holistic Approach to Cancer Survival

Living and eating organically has become a national focus since cancer is at an all time high. For those who suffer from diseases like mesothelioma and many others, a holistic approach to eating and other lifestyle choices may help to heal the body and mind. Many studies have shown the healing effects of organic foods on cancer. For example, organic corn, strawberries and marionberries contain cancer-fighting antioxidants as published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry. Holistic diets take into account everything that you put into your body and how it leaves. The goal of a holistic approach is to ensure that your body is toxin-free and digesting properly.

Getting Started with a Holistic Lifestyle
What many advertisement proclaim as healthy or natural is in fact processed, preserved, modified or other harmful to the human body. Many "non-fat" or "fat-free" items actually contain high levels of high fructose corn syrup, refined sugar, aspartame, genetically modified ingredients and other chemicals that simply become toxins in the body. For this reason, holistic diets focus on eating a mostly organic, vegetable and fruit diet. However, meat is not necessarily the enemy, so long as you are picking the right meat. Organic dairy products and protein sources contain less hormones and genetically modified material, but the best sources of meat are lean and less fatty.

Planning a Holistic Approach
Everyone's diet with holistic philosophy is different. The key is to clean out the digestive tract and start allowing the body to heal itself. For that reason, drinking purified water and eating multiple detoxifying foods helps the human body begin this process. Some of these detoxifying foods include beets, broccoli sprouts, ginger, lemon, apple, flaxseed, celery and dandelions. It's important to eat as many organic types of this food throughout a holistic diet because it leads to nutrient-rich meals with better benefits for your digestive tract and liver, allowing toxins to be absorbed and flushed from your system. As long as you add these ingredients into your diet, you can begin to detoxify and also remove unhealthier types of food.

Balancing Healthy and Unhealthy
At first, many people go through a withdrawal when trying to give up the food that they love so much. However, if you can push through not eating junk food, processed food and other unhealthy ingredients, you'll begin to feel more energy in the body, your skin will become clearer and a natural glow will overtake you. If you don't believe it, just try watching some of the documentaries on juicing. "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" looks at the things going into the human body that lead to cancer, heart disease, obesity and many other chronic illnesses and how they can be cured through vitamin-rich and nutrient-rich detox juicing diet.

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