Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Blue Light, simple, yet it beats modern medicine's best efforts

I read a while back about how there have been some serious medical studies done on the effects of plain blue light from LEDs and the effects on MRSA bacteria.  Yeah, blue light.  It seemed to good to be true, but I read a whole bunch of articles, all giving specific wave lengths of the light used and the percentage of the bacteria that were immobilized or even killed by short exposures to the light.  Lots of in depth detailed experimental data.  I mean we all know that UV light kills a lot of bacteria, but visible blue light, from LED flashlights, hard to imagine.

I have been troubled with MRSA for nearly three years now.  When in the apartment in Austin with the black mold, my sinuses became impacted with crud, a lot of mold spores, but it also became a prime site for bacterial growth.  And when in the hospital for my hip replacement, I contracted MRSA bacterial infection of the upper sinuses.  THOUSANDS of dollars in out of pocket expenses for me for treatments to get rid of this antibiotic resistant bacteria have all failed.  And it is a vicious cycle, when the conditions are right, my sinuses become inflamed, such as when living with dogs that I am allergic to.  Then the nasal sinuses react and mucus forms, and then the bacteria bloom, when I sleep, the crud drips into my lungs and they get inflamed and then my asthma becomes life threatening.  Antibiotics help, but the problem never goes away.  It blooms about every other month.  And now, I have no insurance, so.....

Well I was at the dollar store last week and saw a small LED penlight.  For a buck, I bought it.  I blew my nose on Friday night, and the usual bloom of green blobs of crud came out.  I stuck the penlight in there and left it on for twenty minutes on each side.  I have done this morning and night now for 5 days.  I no longer have green crud in my nose.  I have a lot of mucus, but that is probably from this late winter storm coming in with the fifty mile an hour winds and the billowing dust everywhere that is causing some sinus problems.  But no green crud.

Am I crazy, but a simple blue LED penlight that I paid a buck for, plus tax, is kicking the shit out of the modern medical community and all of their fancy and unbelievably expensive treatment options that claim to be the miracle life saving panacea for all humans on planet earth?  Really, I contracted this MRSA while a patient in the hospital, while getting treatment for side effects from treatment for exposure to black mold.  While trying anything to help my sinus problems at that time, I was also seeing an allergy specialist who decided that I had low testosterone and prescribed  T creme, which caused me to have blood clots in my lungs which nearly killed me.  When in the hospital the second time for blood clots in my lungs another doctor prescribed two antibiotics that when taken together cause pancreatitis.  Seems like most of my health problems have come from the medical practices that have been applied to me to cure something that, well, they could not cure.


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