Monday, April 1, 2013

That much sugar? Really?

I have a yahoo email account.  Whenever i go to that account, there are ads on the right side of the screen.  Hey, I understand, that's how they pay for the "free" email.  Ads.  Lately, every ad there has been from General Mills, makers of breakfast cereals.  Their big ad shows a bunch of their boxes of cereal brands, Lucky Charms, Monsters, Trix, and some of the Cheerios family.  The BIG copy written there states "Only 10 grams of sugar per serving!"  To me, this is pretty scary.  right on the box for each of the products, right there, on each one, are the nutritionals.  Right there on each box it states that the serving size is, just a simple 30 grams.  That means that each of these products is fully one third sugar.  ONE THIRD OF THESE BREAKFAST CEREALS IS SUGAR.  One third.

The Big G wants you to believe that one third of their product being sugar is a good thing.

Does that seem odd to you?  Does it also seem odd to you that MOST of the brands of infant formula on the market are composed almost primarily of High Fructose Corn products.  There is as much fructose in one serving of infant formula as there is in one can of coke.  Big agribusinesses want that addictive effect of high sugars to start early, and to continue on through childhood, the teen years, and adulthood.  However short that adult life will be considering the toxic nature of Fructose.  Make no mistake about it, Fructose is a toxin.  Fructose is metabolized as a fat, a full 30% of the fructose you ingest is turned into fat.  And then it is a lifestyle issue as to what happens to it then.  There is a really long and at times boring, but extremely informative video on you tube that is worth an hour of your time.  Sugar, The Bitter Truth.  Watch it and learn a few things about why there is an epidemic of obese 6 month old children in our country today.  This film will show you just exactly how consumption of High Fructose Corn Syrup causes obesity, hypertension, gout and a whole host of health issues.  

Something else that this video touches on is the FDA and their lack of action toward food manufacturers using known toxins in our food supply.  This is of course something that I bitch about here on this blog all the time.  I am sick to death of the use of cumulative toxins in processed foods in AmeriKa today.  The problem is that the FDA is mandated (by their own directive) to regulate acute toxins only, and to do nothing about chronic toxins.  High Fructose Corn Syrup is a CHRONIC toxin, it won't kill you today, but it will destroy your life and health long term.  The FDA won't do anything about that, if they did, then big agribusiness would not be able to sell the food that they manufacture, and a huge source of income would dry up.  NOT a source of income for the people at the FDA, no, that never happens.  A source of income for all the politicians, of whom all receive huge amounts of cash for the express purpose of paying for campaigns.  And of course all those huge amounts of cash from not just the food industry, but all industries, are given with no strings attached.  And we all know that is why the tax codes in AmeriKa are in the neighborhood of 6,000 pages of varying ways to save money on individual and corporate taxes.  No strings.

So what should you do as an informed American?  Well, read the labels on EVERYTHING you buy.  Learn the lists of products that are accumulative toxins, and avoid them.  Don't be afraid to tell everyone you know what you have learned about toxic additives in our food.  And the big one, don't pay income tax.  It is not hard to legally pay very little income tax, or in many cases, NO income tax.  All those tax codes are there for rich people to use to reduce their tax burden, it is perfectly legal for EVERYONE to use them as well.  And of course change your W-4 to ten dependents, that way your employer won't withhold any money.  Don't let the government use your money interest free all year long.  WE are the masters of our own fate.  So far, the government allows us to be drones, to eat poison, to pay a hugely disproportionally high percentage of our income to support them; BUT RIGHT NOW THEY CAN'T FORCE US TO!  Let's hope they don't decide to try that. 

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