Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm wrong, I wrote something that was not true, well, sort of.

I was looking at the FDA website today looking to find out what has happened with the attempt of the dairy industry to allow themselves to add aspartame and other artificial sweeteners to 17 milk products without any requirement for them to list it in the ingredients.  Seems that according to the FDA website, updated 5/23/13, that what I had thought is not actually so.  I admit that I got the original info from my old "friend" Dr. Mercola.  The king of fear mongering and the ultimate purveyor of overpriced health remedies and supplements.  Yes, I did read his page and his info stated that the dairy guys wanted this done.  (Mercola)  When I read the FDA page, the proposal by the dairy industry is for a change in the "Standard of Identity" for milk.  And that the change would mean that instead of flavored milk products saying "Reduced Calorie" on the label, which they feel is harmful in the eyes of consumers, the dairy guys won't have to put that particular phrase on the label.  The ingredients will still list the specific toxic additive like aspartame, they just won't have to label it as low calorie or some other such BAD monicker that would in any way confuse someone buying the product based on the major wording on the label. 

I was wrong, I should have researched the petition myself instead of relying on someone else.  Someone that makes millions pushing fear into the world. 

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