Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I just have to say something about the Jenny Witch Hunt

Jenny McCarthy.  I must admit that I never watch those TV shows that talk about celebrities.  Ever.  Why, I mean I could care less about what they do.  Or who they have sex with, or how they bought themselves out of mandatory jail time, or which Kardasian is pregnant or screwing their own cousin or brother or whatever.  And there is some weird show about hillbillies that make duck quackers that is completely beyond human sensibilities.  Preschool potty humor.  And then Honey Bo Bo.  I sort of lump together the antics of MOST of Hollywood celebrities in the same category as those two.

And then some friends told me that some talk/news show called "The View" hired Jenny McCarthy.  And they inquired as to what I thought about the controversy.  My friends were being quite serious when they asked, so I had to say that I had no idea who she was, other than I believed her to be the big boobed boob that teased Charlie Sheen on his old TV show.  Ahhhhhh, they then told me she is an advocate for NOT vaccinating your children as she believed vaccines caused her son to become autistic.  Wow!  I had to read up on this. 

Jenny McCarthy.  Big boobs, as stated previously.  Playboy girl of the year etc.  Actress, of sorts.  I remember seeing her in Two and a Half Men.  She was seductive.  I'm not much of a judge of acting ability, I think Richard Dean Anderson is the bomb in Stargate.  So what do I know.  But then in 2002 she gave birth to a son.  Then the unthinkable, in 2005 he was diagnosed with autism.  Since then she has written books about and is a very outspoken advocate of parents NOT vaccinating their children as she believes that modern vaccines are the vehicle that instigates the onset of autism.  Sort of what I believe.  Here, you can go and look at some of my blog entries about vaccinations:
(Vaccine Propaganda)  Per CDC and WHO figures, a vaccinated child has a greater chance of death and or lifetime disability from the vaccine than they have of contracting the disease for which they are being vaccinated.
(Mercury in Vaccines) Maybe, just maybe, the huge numbers of kids with autism are affected by vaccines because they contain heavy metals like Mercury.
(Infant mortality in America) not specifically about autism, but links about how the vaccine industry in America just possibly might have something to do with the US having a VERY high infant mortality rate.  Higher than Cuba and some third world countries.
(The Government dealing with a problem) The government recognizes that vaccines are unsafe, they passed laws that exempt the manufacturers from liability
(Tough world for babies)  It is tough for babies, their systems can't take the influx of toxic crap in vaccines and especially so for Hepatitis B vaccine, of which a baby has a 1 in a billion chance of contracting, yet it is a required vaccination.  Over 1500 babies have died from this one vaccine alone, and that does not count all of those permanently disabled.

Hmmmm, maybe I need to rethink this blond bimbo.  So I read about her on the internet.  There is a lot of stuff, interviews with doctors, newsgrabbers, people filled with their own self importance, prime examples of the Dunning-Kruger Effect (Wiki) One thing that was said struck me as very odd.  This guy said that if Jenny McCarthy is allowed to go on the view show and spout her anti-vaccine rhetoric that has no scientific basis, then people will die.

Yikes, that is unreal.  The First Amendment guarantees that this guy can say crap like that, without actually looking at any research or studies detailing the specifics of the mortality and morbidity associated with vaccinations.  Instead he hammers in the AMA line of bullcrap that perpetuates the standard total control that they want to have over healthcare in the world.  Forget the bad, look only toward the drive to make money.  His attitude is just one of dozens that trumpet the need to silence Jenny McCarthy and her anti-vaccine voice.  They seem to forget that the First Amendment covers her as well.  And she has facts and figures to back up her stand.  Opponent have the vaccine manufacturers word that they make a safe product.  And the US government backs them up with total and complete immunity from any liability for those same safe vaccines.

Hey, I'm a guy.  I like women that are, well, big boobed.  I like them with small boobs too.  I like women.  I especially like women that stand up for their beliefs.

I now can say that I am a fan of Jenny McCarthy.  I might even find out when this View show is on and watch it.  Well, maybe, don't hold your breath.

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