Wednesday, August 14, 2013

the reason stores sell crap is because people buy it.

I guess it all started with some company back in the fifties using this chemical additive that was used in certain African countries to make yeast grow faster, increase the bonding strength of the gluten molecules as they formed, and was relatively tasteless.  It was cheap, it made for bigger fluffier and as an added bonus, whiter, bread.  The chemical was potassium bromide, and it started a revolution in food manufacturing.  That one chemical was soon joined by MSG, which when added to processed foods that had most of their natural flavors and nutrients removed, made the taste almost irresistible. 

Thus came the sellout of the agency that was formed to protect the American way of life from unscrupulous food and drug manufacturers, The FDA.  The sad part of course is that the American People actually need to be protected from our protectors as it turns out, they are the ones that have become unscrupulous and our lives and welfare are now secondary as the leaders of the FDA position themselves to move into the private sector with favorable approvals for substances that are known to be harmful but in fact make manufacturing of foods to be cheaper, last virtually forever, and unfortunately, toxic.  So facts on the problem (Revolving Door)

So anyway, our food supply has year after year, become more and more toxic.  And of course big agri-businesses continue to make toxic foods because they quite frankly, can.  And the worst part is, that people continue to buy them.  The reason they can make crap is because nearly every food processor out there makes and uses the same toxins in their foods.  If people start to get sick and die prematurely ( IF ) then no single food processor can be blamed.  They ALL use the same toxins, they ALL might be guilty; however there is no way to blame any one specific company.  (My five articles on this subject

The same thing happens at the retail level.  The reason that you can't find any bread on the shelves that does not have the big seven bread toxins in it is because they all bake toxic breads, and people buy them.  The reason every single condiment, soda, jelly, bread, ice cream and most products in the market contain High Fructose Corn Syrup is because we as consumers, buy them.  I was looking at mustard the other day, about three fourths of the ones on the shelves had HFCS as an ingredient.  IN MUSTARD!!!!! 

The only way for us to get the crap out of our food supply is to not buy it.  It starts with letting our retailers know what we want.  Sounds simple, and basic.  But I know for a fact that store managers have no idea that there are breads that don't contain potassium bromide, or Azodicarbomide, or the other five of the big nasty seven.  Or that they don't even know that most green and yellow summer squash and papaya are Genetically Modified and it is up to them, as retailers, to demand non-GM produce.  But only if consumers ask for it.  Yeah yeah yeah, don't be an ass like I was last November and get yourself kicked out of Safeway for making a scene and attempting to blame Safeway's lack of non-GM products on their desire to destroy the health of their customers.  I was upset, Prop 37 failed, and Safeway donated a million to the defeat Prop 37 movement.  But never the less, if we, as consumers go into stores and let them know what we want, real food, with no toxic additives, then the stores will get the message.

If we don't tell them, then they will think that all is good, and keep getting in the crap they have been getting and that will be all that is available to us.  It doesn't hurt to ask the store manager if they think Sprouts or Whole Foods might carry what you want.  Get them to think for a change. 

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  1. Yes, it's true, last year I went to Safeway and was asking the squash question in produce. The guy went and got the produce manager and eventually he called for the store manager as I was questioning them as to why they didn't carry much in the way of organic nor why they had no non-GM foods. And I was loud, and they asked me to leave. So to the three people that sent the emails to me, yes.