Monday, August 5, 2013

Every single person on this earth fears it. Cancer.

I may be wrong, (according to the ex, I was ALWAYS wrong) but I believe that every single person out there has this absolute total and tremendous fear of being one of those statistics, diagnosed with cancer.  Yikes, cancer, the BIG C.  But wait a minute, TV people tell us all the time that survival rates for cancers are going up.  Still scary, but now, you can survive.  Well, that's what they tell us.  (Nobody wants cancer)

It might in fact have a little bit of truth, there are some increases in survival for breast cancer and prostate cancer.  More patients reach and pass that magical 5 year milestone.  However, those increases have not in anyway kept up with the increases in the incidences of diagnosed cancers.  Back in 1900 cancer was expected to hit about 1 in 100 people.  In 1940, it was 1 in 20.  Jump ahead to our lifetimes and it goes to 1 in 10 in 1970.  Today, it's a different story.  One in three people will get cancer in their lifetime.  Personally I believe that it is in a large part, the food we eat that causes the problem.  But this is about cancer, plain and simple.  One million new cases of cancer each year.  And in reality, it is all about the over FIFTY Billion dollars that is taken in by the cancer industry to prolong the lives of those cancers.

Notice that I didn't say cure, or prolong the lives of the victims; it is to prolong the cancer.  Other than those with cancer, no one in this country wants to cure cancers.  Why would they?  There is FIFTY Billion dollars at stake going into the coffers of the AMA, the doctors, the hospitals, the research facilities, the American Cancer Society and all of its subgroups, the insurance companies (well they don't like paying for it, but they do get to keep a percentage of their payouts) and most of all, BIG PHARMA!  The drug industry.  A major portion of that ANNUAL FIFTY Billion dollar handout to the medical industry goes to the drug companies.  A forty year war on cancer that has provided absolutely no results.  Well, again, breast and prostate cancers have a small increase in survivability.  Big pharma can give men an erection at will, but cure cancer, not likely.
Does anyone know what causes cancer yet?  Theories abound in the medical community.  And what's even more astounding is that theories have been formulated in some medical circles and treatments devised, that had huge significant results in actually CURING those with cancer. Yikes, if this is true, why aren't we seeing these treatments being used in mainstream medical circles to cure cancer?  Well, because most of them are cheap, unpatentable, and the people that developed them had hearts of gold and their desire was to GIVE the solution  to cancer to anyone that needed it, free of charge.

O H   M Y   G O D !    F  R  E  E   the ama  the ncs  the acs  the drug lords and the fda don't want that.

How can you make a living on the misery and FEAR of the populace if there are cheap or even free alternative treatments to the world's BIGGEST money making medical problem, cancer?  You can't.  So the solution is to keep cancer in the scary realm of life and debunk and deride these imposters of science.  Some actual doctors, medical doctors, have cured cancers.  Not a hundred percent recovery, but in significant percentages (like 60 to 95 percent in some types of cancer)  that the drug companies the fda and the cancer society were crapping their pants to shut these guys down.  Probably because their own "cures" only at best have success rates in single digits.  People like Rene Caisse who gave away an herbal concoction she got from an older Canadian Indian and that cured thousands of cancer patients.  Or Dr. Hoxsey that developed an holistic approach to a cancer cure, built 18 clinics and cured thousands of people before the FDA and the AMA shut him down and arrested him for helping people.  Or Max Gerson, who developed a dietary plan and herbal remedy that had an amazingly high success rate over 80 percent and was shut down and branded a charlatan and had his license to practice stripped from him.  Or Gerd Hamer, or Dr. Bryzenski, or Tulio Simoncini, or even at the turn of the 19th century, Armand Hammer.  All people with insight, and an astounding ability to cure patients with incurable cancers.  People that were given the death sentence to by traditional medicine.  (Cancer info)  And you might even remember some other treatments that have been BANNED in the US even though they had cure rates for progressive incurable cancers that were in many cases, in the 80 percentage rates.  Cancers that standard treatments gave a death sentence to but that could, if the patient desired, extend their lives by a few months, or a year, after horrific chemo and radiation treatments.  The alternative and controversial treatment options were Liatril and shark cartilage.  Huge cure rates, and banned because they were cheap, and actually cured people.

My absolute favorite quote about the FDA comes from a former head of the organization itself.   This is what he tells us.  "People think the FDA is protecting them - it isn't. What the FDA is doing and what people think it's doing are as different as night and day." - Herbert L. Ley, Jr., M. D., former Commissioner of the FDA.

I don't always agree with Dr. Mercola about a LOT of things when it comes to diet, nutrition and him selling all of his exorbitantly priced crap, sorry, stuff, but here is a link that will take you to a video about cancer and the treatments banned from use here in money making AmeriKa.  Watch it if you can and have an hour and a half.  It gives some poignant stories from survivors that were shunned by traditional medicine yet found cures from those alternative treatments available that have been banned.  (Mercola video

So, I hope you never get cancer.  If you do, I hope you seek some relief in non-traditional methods that have in the past, actually cured cancer in people, and not just taken their money and given them a long slow horrific death sentence.

Yeah, cancer in AmeriKa is still the biggest fear of people today.  A pretty horrific way to die.  Doctors giving you toxic and radioactive poison, afraid to touch the stuff themselves, giving you even more drugs to keep you from vomiting up the stuff, to keep you from keeling over right there, warning you not to touch anyone, and keeping you filled with hope, promises of life without cancer in maybe a couple of percent of the time.  And all the while, robbing you of whatever money you might possibly have, depleting your insurance benefits, and destroying any possibility of you having a normal life. 

Check out alternative treatments, your future would depend on it.

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