Monday, August 12, 2013

A recipe for any novice and for every gourmand. Eggs and potatoes poached in salsa.

There are some scary things that I see frequently.  When I am out selling my products at the farmers markets, I am told by young people all the time that they don't cook, so they wouldn't use my products.  Really, they don't cook.  But they are there at the market buying stuff, so must be a brush off, right?  Maybe, but then maybe they don't, I mean I think that the reason all of the Mickie D's and Burger Barn places are jam packed with people might be because other than a few vegetables, most of the population gets their dietary needs from purveyors of junk food.  Who am I to say anything though, I mean I smoke cigars and drink artisan beer.  What I don't do is eat meat, high fructose corn syrup in any form, white flours, rice, or sugars, nor do I eat anything with added MSG, or well, anything you have a hard time pronouncing.  And never anything from the mighty gilded boobs.

Sorry, I digress.  Let's talk about a simple dish that anyone can make.  And it is very nice, very tasty, and mighty good and easy.  You need a skillet with a lid.  Hopefully everyone has one, no aluminum or toxic non-stick crap.  Good stainless or ceramic.  Now heat on the stove over medium.  Take a couple of well scrubbed potatoes, your favorite kind, or if cooking is new to you, try the Yukon Gold variety, they are very nice.  Slice them into thick slices about three quarters of an inch thick.  Take a fork and jab each cut side a few times.  Now, to the skillet, add a couple tablespoons olive oil.  If it smokes, take off the stove and let cool a bit, and turn heat down.  Back on the stove, throw in the potatoes.  Place them with a cut side down.  Cover and turn heat to low medium and cook for about 10 minutes.  Remove lid, turn over.  Add about a cup and a half of salsa.  Your favorite will do nicely.  It should not be a really thick salsa, you want it kiind of runny, so add a little water, or beer, to make it thinner.  Cover.  Let cook until the salsa begins to bubble up.  Now, scoot the potatoes into groups, leaving open areas.  If possible, if not, you can just crack the eggs anywhere, they will still poach.  For fun, throw in some washed jalapeno peppers wherever there are open spots.  Place some grated cheese on top of each egg.  Place the cover back on the skillet and set the timer for about 10 to 14 minutes.  The time difference depends on how much stuff you add.  To check. tilt the pan.  Undercooked eggs will still be really loose.  Eggs that are just right, the yolks will just barely move.  remove from heat, add some sliced green onions or olives.  Chopped cilantro if desired.  And serve.  The jalapenos that are poached this way get soft and they pick up a whole different complexity with the salsa as the cooking medium.  And the potatoes, yum.  Beginners will love this, seasoned cooks will be inspired.  for me, this is a great dish and when I make whole wheat tortillas to go along with it, all my guests have just raved about it all.

Try it, get away from the fast food addictions, do something real for a change.

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