Monday, August 26, 2013

So what happens tomorrow? Is recovering from the ecological and toxicological GM and Glyphosate disaster possible?

Earth can recover.  Humans, on the other hand, are just transient visitors to this living ball of rock.  The human existence so far is measured in centuries by us, but a blink of the microcosm eye by the planet upon which we live and destroy.  The question of whether humans will survive this self induced catastrophe will be hard to predict.  But make no mistake, it is in fact, a catastrophe of monumental proportions, and the end of human life is not outside the realm of possibility. 

I'm not crazy, even though my mother never had me tested, I get my conclusions by reviewing available facts.  Let's start with DDT.  And the answer is that yes, the planet is recovering, and the human presence was not wiped out by the indiscriminate use of this seriously toxic and persistent pesticide.  In 1972 the use of DDT was banned.  It is still used, a lot of it, like 3,000 tons of the stuff every year.  Mostly in India and some tropical areas of Africa to control malaria mosquitoes.  At the height of DDT usage, there were more than 82,000 tons of the stuff used every year.  With a half life in the neighborhood of about 15 years when in aquatic environments, longer in dry soil, the stuff has persisted and is still a problem in the waters of the Great Lakes with warnings not to eat shellfish near the outlets of many streams flowing into the lakes themselves.  Because of the DDT residues that still to this day flow into the lakes from agricultural runoff. 

Eagle populations rebounded, humans only have cancer rates that are one in three, not the huge numbers expected.  (I don't understand that, 1 in 3 people is a LOT) And the actual residual DDT levels in groundwater, shellfish and crustaceans in many of the waterways is less than half of the levels measured in 1970.  Forty years after the ban, and levels have dropped by fifty percent.  Somehow those figures don't work themselves out, but that's the info that I discovered in my research.  And of course the EPA would never fudge their numbers.  I mean they are government employees, they have jobs for life.  And there are always more toxins to monitor. 

So that leads us to Roundup.  When studies are presented about the main ingredient glyphosate, those studies show just how safe the chemical is.  That's the reason is was approved for use as an herbicide.  Monsanto told the world is was harmless.  That was of course, a huge lie.  When glyphosate is used it is mixed with a number of other chemicals and together they make the toxic stew that is permeating the world and causing much of the rise in cancers, infant mortality, neurological disorders and gross malformities in native invertebrate and amphibian populations.  And probably the cause of the skyrocketing numbers of miscarriages and deformities in the human populations in Argentina around agricultural areas where use of Roundup is huge.  Usage of Roundup in today's world is at about 85,000 tons annually.  Half life of glyphosate is about 5 to 8 years depending on environmental conditions, moisture, and bacterial populations.  Measurable amounts in the general population in urban areas in Europe tends to make one wonder where the stuff is coming from since most of the European Union doesn't grow Genetically Modified crops and Roundup usage is far less than in America.  I haven't found any studies of urine concentrations for Americans who on average consume directly 193 pounds of GM crops annually.  That doesn't count all the GM crap fed to the animals and animal products they consume.  The wonderful EPA has set the maximum allowable limit in drinking water at 0.7 ppm.  The sad part is that researchers have discovered that cell damage occurs in HUMAN tissues at just 0.1 ppm.

So why aren't people dropping like flies?

That one I don't have an answer for.  It does seem like all of the toxic problems in our food supply along with the problems with vaccines would cause a huge outbreak in problems, from rampant obesity to huge increases in cancer, heart disease, neurological problems, increased rates of infant mortality and corresponding increases in childhood problems like ADD, ADHD, birth defects, and along with all of that, decreases in birth rates due to loss of fertility and higher rates of sexual dysfunction.

Wait a minute, isn't that what's happening here in Monsanto controlled America?

Yeah, it is.  And it is just the beginning.  As more toxic agrochemicals are dumped onto more and more farmlands, the residual levels in water, foods we consume and in our own bodies will grow higher and higher.  Until we all die?  I don't know, but I am glad I won't be around to live through it and see what happens.  Yeah, I got a couple good years left, maybe enough to see the world wide crop failures, the total takeover of super weeds and super insects that are immune to herbicides and pesticides.  And the madness that attacks entire communities drinking contaminated water all the while their governmental watchdogs take kickbacks and allow the wholesale poisoning of the populace. 

If, and that is a big if, toxic agrochemicals were outlawed next week, as were GM crops, and sustainable farming methods were forced onto all production of foods; then it is possible for the earth and humanity to recover and live in harmony. Just like DDT, we could see that residual glyphosate levels in water, fish, humans, to drop fifty percent. Perhaps many of the human population might be less affected by the toxic nature of our food supply, and our most basic necessity, water. Humans might still thrive. Just like the insects that survive pesticides and breed super resistant offspring, and just like the weeds that survive spraying with herbicides and their progeny become superweeds; humans might survive the monetary driven poisoning of our planet and breed super humans.

I think we all know that will never happen.

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