Monday, August 19, 2013

Most of the BILLIONS of dollars in drug sales, are unneccessary, and harmful.

Many of the world's best selling drugs are absolutely useless.  Well, not necessarily useless, they make billions and billions of dollars for their manufacturers, the Big Pharma companies.  For the most part, the biggest groups of drugs are actually dangerous.  With billions of dollars feeding the frenzy, no one wants you to know that there are multitudes of cheap and extremely effective natural treatments. OH CHEF ROY IS CRAZY!!!!!   No, not CRAZY, drugs are not a necessary part of having a good healthy life, the AMA and Big Pharma want us to believe they are.  If the modern world were to discover that simple dietary and lifestyle changes could DRAMATICALLY affect your health, then how would they continue to bring in tons of money.  And let's face it, they make TONS of money.  Okay, let's look at some simple stuff.

Statins, these are a group of drugs that are fast becoming one of the most prescribed drugs in America.  These drugs are used to lower cholesterol.  Certainly some people need to lower their levels, but what is not widely known is that in the nineties several studies were done on this very subject, and a very nice Scottish study showed that with no other changes, people that ate two carrots and a stalk of celery every day lowered their total as well as bad cholesterol levels more than the new emerging class of drugs, statins.  Yikes!  And here is the latest FDA update on the HUGE numbers of things that can possibly happen to you if you take statins. (FDA Stuff)  and it includes liver damage, loss of muscle mass and or muscle damages, loss of cognitive mental functions, increased risk of diabetes.  These are just the updates to the list of known side effects of most statins that include anemia, sexual dysfunction, cataracts, vision loss, neuropathy, increased risk of cancer, increased risk of pancreatic problems, decreases in immune system functionality, and, well, isn't that enough.  The truth is that the SAD,  (Standard American Diet) is the cause of higher cholesterol levels.  It isn't just eating too much red meat, it is about eating modern meat, which has little resemblance to the type of meat that humans evolved eating.  And well of course just the rest of our diets as well, processed everything, HFCS, crap.  If a couple carrots helped 50 volunteers, think about what might happen to the whole country if we all ate better.  Yikes again, the Big Pharma companies might not make so much money and all of our insurance rates would drop like stones.

Blood Thinners, these are drugs that affect the clotting capabilities of blood.  Sometimes this is a problem, although no one actually knows why, or why the actions of these specific drugs actually work.  But then, most of the drugs on the market are the same, researchers don't really know HOW they perform the effects that they do.  There are times though where a person's blood has a tendency to clot too much, and therefore anti-clotting drugs are prescribed.  These particular drugs are supposed to prevent strokes, recurring heart attacks, pulmonary embolii and other asundry problems associated with an accelerated tendency for the blood to clot.  Most popular, Warfarin, or commonly called coumadin.  This is an actual rat poison that was discovered that the reason it killed rats was because they bled to death internally.  A new class of anti-clotting agents are out now as well, with Plavix being the biggest.  All of these drugs have unbelievably horrific side effects.  When I was told I needed to take Warfarin to attempt to stave off another pulmonary blood clot that the medical community through all of their best efforts could not tell me why I continued to have, actually I had them four different times, the side effects are what made me look for an alternative.  I was happy to learn that Plavix was about to be approved for people like me until I discovered that Plavix reduced the risk of stroke in patients down to 6.78 per 100,000 people.  Then, I found that taking one baby aspirin a day would drop the risk of stroke to 6.97 per 100,000 people.  And a very low possibility of death, unlike Plavix.  And at about 1 cent an aspirin, 600 times cheaper.  Let me tell you what happened to me with coumadin.  About 80% of my hair fell out, my skin became so thin that if I walked out into the sun then I would be covered with big red blotchy bruises.  Many of which would open up if touched and I would bleed for hours.  I couldn't shave with a razor as the same thing, people died by bleeding to death after shaving.  The stuff reduces your ability to fight infection, maybe that is why I acquired MRSA in my sinuses.  Anyway, I stopped taking the stuff and started taking Ginko Biloba, Natokinase, baby aspirin and even when not taking the rat poison for 4 months, I went to the doctor to have my blood INR tested and my natural treatment gave me an acceptable reading of 2.0 or 2.1 at the highest.  I haven't looked back.

Prednisone, and related steroids.  These drugs are prescribed for a variety of reasons, most having to do with inflammation.  Whether the inflammation is in your lung passages, or around your muscles, joints or wherever, (trying not to say rectum) these drugs have great short term benefits.  When I was living in an apartment with black mold in it, I couldn't breathe, my lungs were so inflamed I could not get enough air into them.  I was on steroids almost continuosly for 4 or 5 months.  I developed something called Avascular Necrosis.  Which is where the ends of the bones, generally the ball part of the hip joint, begins to die and causes great pain.  For me, it is a little more advanced and it seems to be affecting knees, ankles, fingers and who knows, maybe my brain, I do seem to be a little more insane of late.  But anyway, some of the other fun effects are high blood pressure, easy bruising, reduced resistance to infection, bone loss other than AN, bone fractures, spine problems, cataracts, and of course, death.  Here I don't have a lot of recommendations about what to do as an alternative.  I tried the natural stuff, Boswellia, Mulein, Reishi, Ginkgo and others, it might just be that the black mold I was living in was worse than any benefits possible.  Best advice though is just take an interest in your treatment and don't take steroids for long periods of time.

PPI's or Proton Pump Inhibitors.  These are the drugs that make Big Pharma Billions and Billions for a disease that virtually none of the people taking these drugs actually have.  GERD is an extremely rare problem with genetic defects in the linkage of the esophagus to the stomach.  However the drug makers want us to think it is as common as Body Odor.  PPI's will destroy your gut, destroy your ability to fight infections, causes ulcers, ulcerative colitis, they block nutrient absorption, cause loss of bone density leading to easy fracturing and can PERMANENTLY destroy your body's ability to manufacture the acids it needs to digest the foods you eat, but may never get to again if you take the stuff.  Glaxon-Kline doesn't want you to know that a few years on their crap and you will be drinking nutritive shake type substances for the rest of your life instead of eating food.  Oh yeah, says right on the warning label, not for extended long term use.  Ask your doctor, he might not tell you that part, he probably got a free vacation to Barbados paid for by Glaxo to not tell you the important stuff.  So what do you do if you have heartburn a lot?  Really, it isn't hard to figure out.  First, change your diet, most people with recurrent heartburn are overweight.  There just might be a correlation there.  Also if your gut bacteria are ailing, so will your other systems, and an attempt by the body to rid itself of unwanted bacteria in your gut is to excrete larger amounts of acids.  Yikes, simple huh?  Eat better, fresh raw and fermented.  Good words to go by, even yogurt (NOT THE STUFF WITH ALL THE SUGAR) adds back needed bacteria that are beneficial.  Change your lifestyle to improve your body.

Oh yeah, again, cut out the modern meat, that will help immensely.

Lisinopril and other meds to reduce blood pressure.  Wow, these things come right from the manufacturers website.  Side effects include headache, dizziness, diarrhea, and cough, however there are significant numbers of these side effects reported as well:
  • difficult breathing, nausea, vomiting, fever, stuffy nose, fatigue, taste changes, fainting, chills, depressed mood, low energy, flu symptoms, allergic reactions, hoarse voice, gain weight, oliguria, anuria, hair loss, linitis, sensitive to light, hives, insomnia.
  • muscle pain, chest pain, stomach cramps, indigestion, sore throat, muscle weakness, joint pain, infection of the nose or throat, face, lips, tongue or throat edema, gout.
  • rash, mild skin itching, psoriasis, tingly feeling, jaundice, sun sensitive skin, flushing, blistering skin, toxic epidermal necrolysis.
  • palpitations, low blood pressure, heart attack, slow heart rate, weak pulse, uneven heartbeats.
  • hypoglycemia, extreme loss of water in the body, high amount of potassium in the blood, decreased neutrophiles and granylocytes.
  • altered interest in having sexual intercourse, erectile dysfunction.
There are others side effects of lisinopril but rare even though very serious as: kidney diseases, Steven-johnson syndrome, uncoordinated, life threatening allergic reaction, hemolytic anemia, toxic epidermal necrolysis, inflammation of the pancreas, fluid in the lungs, angioedema (intestinal, in neck and head)
Yikes again, sure seems like this is the stuff that the Nazis came up with to torture us Jews and see what makes us tick.  Anyway, high blood pressure is a pretty simple fix, lose weight, don't eat salt, don't eat processed foods, make your diet at least 50% raw vegetables and don't eat meat.  Perhaps that is too tough for most people, I mean after all, the Big Pharma drug lords have more drugs to treat all of the side effects that this drug causes.

This isn't the complete list of bad drugs, this is a partial list, and again, I urge everyone to take control of your own personal medical treatment.  Doctors in reality have very little idea what is going on with you personally unless you tell them and even then, they prefer to prescribe drugs that the manufacturers and the AMA have told them to.  Modern medicine is the single largest cause of death in America today (Number one)  Question everything, demand answers, don't submit to drugs just because a doctor says he thinks it might work. 

Try to remember, as long as you are willing to live the lifestyle that causes your body parts to fail, there will always be someone around to profit from it.  Yeah, some things are unavoidable, but for the most part, most are self inflicted.  Read my blog more, learn about modern meat, GM foods, pesticide residues and all the stuff that is killing us, slowly, and with ever more certainty. 

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